Oops…. Looks Like Britneys Career Isn’t Over After All

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Ever since the release of Britney Spears’ Greatest Hits album, people have been calling it a failure, and using it as more evidence to back their argument that Britney is over. Well, they are sadly wrong, because figures for the sales of Greatest Hits: My Prerogative have been released from music week, and a flop it is not. Sorry to burst your bubble:

Week ending April 11, 2005

Greatest Hits: My Prerogative

35, 882 +8%
6, 402, 961

Now. Do you want me to compare it to other artists whose albums have been released world wide at the same time as Britney’s Greatest Hits album? I think I will:


69, 331 +8%
3, 045, 840

77, 380 -12%
6, 989, 477

See? She is not that far from her competitions.
So looks like you ‘Flop’ theories can go straight to hell.

But heres another thing I found, people love to compare Britney’s Greatest Hits album to Stripped.

Now, if you want to compare Greatest Hits my Prerogative to any of Christina’s album, then compare it to her non studio albums, which she has 2 of those:

My Kind Of Christmas: 3 million copies sold world wide, released in 2000

Her Spanish album also sold 3 million copies world wide and was also released in 2000. Britney’s Greatest Hits album has sold 6.4 million copies world wide and has been out for over 5 months and was released in 2004, when music sales are relatively low in comparison to 2000, but Britney still manages to outsell Christina.

And also, Britney’s Greatest hits DVD moved up 6 places to #29 on the Billboard Hot 100 DVD chart, while Christina’s DVD ( which was released at a similar time as Britney’s DVD) fell off the chart 3 weeks after being released.

So it looks like Christina is still poor mans Britney.

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2 thoughts on “Oops…. Looks Like Britneys Career Isn’t Over After All

  1. Gorkem says:

    I am from Eastern Europe and wanna ask who Christina Aguilera? Never heard.. Britney is a global superstar who is very popular here, no need to compare Britney to others.. If you compare minor artists to Britney, it will be an advantage for them to be compared to such a huge star,Britney. Don’t let them use Britney’s popularity.

  2. walter hays says:

    Oh please how cheap of you to compare her Christmas and Spanish album to Britney’s Greatest Hits album if everyone knows for a fact that Britney had more promotions going for that album then Christina for hers.and it was not released in the same time however stripped was and boy did she kick Britney back to the trailer park and as for you stop comparing false info to make Christina look bad cos the girls an inspiration to millions she makes music that is inspiring to so many people and her talent is amazing Britney is on the other hand is a attention seeker with more meltdowns then talent………but she is beautiful no matter what they say

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