Oops….She Did It Again!

Contributed by britney_boy:

may be hated by some but she is loved by many. Being known as the little innocent girl a few years ago, she is know a Woman! Today Britney’s video went #1 on TRL, debuted #1 on Launch.com and beat out Beyonce, Ludacris and Chingy for the viewers favorite new video on Much Music Canada. She is getting MAJOR airplay and is all over magazine covers. I’d say Britney has cracked the code once more.

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11 thoughts on “Oops….She Did It Again!

  1. breez says:

    That’s gross. Another insult to the world’s intelligence as the 5 year olds vote a brainless bimbo into the top stop once again…..ah well, it wont last. disposable pop music with no meaning never does.

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    Although I still think its too early to tell ‘In the Zone’ will make the same impact as her previous albums… Today’s events brought joy to my heart…its always nice to prove the haters wrong. Flop, I think not! She’s still got it.

  3. babet says:

    Ludacris and Chingy’s videos are …kinda crappy. so of course Britney’s million dollar desperate attempt comeback video would beat them….and make number one. she’s got every tabloid and every PR guy out there to make her video a success….even though the video itself was pointless.

  4. B0rntoplay says:

    If it helps, she beat out Christina too. What excuse do you have for that?

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, we’re not wrong…… this stuff proves NOTHING!! TRL is rigged…hello…. Launch? um, probably people wanted to hear the song or see the video, big deal…doesn’t mean they LIKED it! Getting major radio play? That’s a BAD thing if you ask me….overplayed and overexposed is NEVER a good thing…..and it’s all because she made nice with Clear Channel again! NO ONE REALLY wants to hear that garbage played on the airwaves….. You’ve proven NOTHING to us! Get over yourselves!! She’s DONE FOR! She’ll always be around, but she’ll NEVER be respected. She’ll ALWAYS be a joke….like Willa and Anna Nicole! SAD SAD SAD….you AND her…..so sad!

  6. BabyBlue2578 says:

    “Oops” is the operative word in this post because that’s what Britney is. She’s the biggest mistake in music since Milli Vanilli. And hate to break it, but TRL, as well as all of its videos absolutely suck, so that’s nothing to triumph over.

  7. zunderwood says:

    I have to admit that Britney Spears lip-syncs but, it is her won voice she is lipping unlike Milli Vanilli so BE QUIET!!! Stop the HATERATION! Thanks and God Bless!

  8. frozen_fire says:

    Yeah! Britney’s back ones more! Take that haters! You said that its gonna flop, but it didn’t! True, ‘The Voice Within’ is Xtina’s 5th single while MATM is just debut but look at the difference! I mean, who wouldn’t be bored of seeing a video in black & white & the artist was just sitting then running away then lying down on something bright? There’s not even a sense in it! Unlike MATM, there’s a meaning & theres an essence in it & then there’s the dance routine! Totally awesome! Though MATM did not outdo Dirrty, it did outdo CHUD & Voice W/in!

  9. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, MATM isn’t that great! It’s an a typical Britney video…who DIDN’T expect that? Chris’ videos, as of late, have had just as much artistic expression that shows different, unknown sides to the girl.

  10. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Ok, so Britney has had the most videos go to number one, and the most videos get retired….. …..how many days has she actually SPENT at number one? NOT THAT MANY PEEPS! Not that it matters….TRL has been rigged now for about 2 years. And they’d do ANYTHING to get Britney her number 1 video. They’ll bend and break rules to get that to happen. It’s not that great of an honor.

  11. jazzprofounder says:

    Oh c’mon now….does Christina always have to be added in to make Britney look better? That’s just pathetic. And you are really overlooking what Christina was trying to say in her music video by just talking about how it was made. You should listen to the lyrics more than just paying so much attention to the cinematography of the music video. “The Voice Within” DOES have an essence and content that you actually have to LISTEN to, and you really have to admit that compared to “MATM”, Xtina’s song has more of a message and a meaning that just gets straight to the point without having Janet Jackson imitated dance moves distracting the point of the song.

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