Opinions Of Britney Spears In A Nut Shell

Contributed anonymously:

There are haters of Britney Spears, and many of them. There are also many fans. There are dignified haters and idiotic haters. Then there are the fans. There are the obsessive ones, and the semi fans- who are really fans with conditions.

Dignified haters are anti-Britney basically because of her sexuality. I recently listened to my English professor say how MTV objectifies women in all their videos as sex objects. Let’s admit, Britney is a big part of MTV, and she does objectify herself as a sex object (sometimes). My teacher also said that Britney is a role model for young girls, and that Britney is showing them that it is okay to get married and annulled, because you can, and that you don’t have to wear something if you don’t want to.

In defense of this, Britney is growing up. She is twenty two, and any twenty two year old would do the same thing as Britney- they’d show some skin and live it up. They may not get married, but that was a mistake on Britney’s part. I don’t think the world sees Britney as human. They see her as the epitome of pop. She stands for what pop is. And when the epitome of pop goes wrong, the whole world will follow and get married. The world should understand that Britney makes mistakes too. Britney cannot be the parents on every child in America. The parents of the children need to tell their kids what is wrong. And if Britney is comfortable with her sexuality, she is not the first woman to show skin. The little children have other music of Mandy Moore, Fefe Dobson, and Stacie Orrico to listen to that is much ‘safer’ for children. Britney does not need to be the only role model. Plus, it’s not like she is going on Nickelodeon with low waist paints and tube tops on.

Some anti-Britneys even go as far to say Britney has no talent. This statement is narrow minded and just overall stupid.

Britney is a great performer. She owns the stage and dances like no other female pop star out right now. Her voice is meant for the songs she sings. She knows she does not have this big belty voice, but that’s okay because that’s not her style. And it’s not like every other pop star sings and dances. Christina sings- but she doesn’t dance like Britney, and vice versa.

Then there are the stupid haters that just hate Britney because they like Justin or Christina or something. Or everybody else seems to hate Britney, so you should make a stupid joke about her too.

That’s so stupid, I’m not even going to get into it.

Then, there are the obsessive Britney fans. These are becoming rare. Most of them are opening up and seeing that Britney makes mistakes, too, and its okay.

I try to speak for all opinions of Britney in this article, and I don’t know, maybe some of you will disagree, so go ahead and call me an @$$, for whatever reason you can think of, but please do not be a narrow minded, obsessive hater.

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