Original Judges Are Back On ‘American Idol 2’

Entertainment Tonight reports with auditions for the second season of ‘American Idol’ beginning in just three days, broke the story to ET that she reached an agreement late last night to return to judge the newest crop of aspiring stars for the hit show. While no details of the deal were released, Cowell reportedly will receive a million dollars for his encore. Randy Jackson will be back as well when ‘ 2’ premieres in January.

Tamyra Gray Inks RCA Deal

October 15, 2002 – Jawn’s Juice EURweb.com reports ‘American Idol’ finalist Tamyra Gray has inked a deal with RCA Records, though they can’t announce it yet. Kelly Clarkson and are the two other ‘American Idol’ stars that have inked deals with the label.

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2 thoughts on “Original Judges Are Back On ‘American Idol 2’

  1. zunderwood says:

    She is going to blow up big!! I am so happy she is finally getting her chance to shine. I love Tamyra but isn’t her getting a record deal stealing Kelly’s thunder?

  2. skiplest says:

    She gets an acting part in “Boston Public.”
    She gets a record deal.

    It’s about time that she gets some recognition for her talents.

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