Overflowing Bathtub Leaves Sleeping Keisha Buchanan Red-Faced

Keisha Buchanan, seen here with her Sugababes bandmates Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah, talked about her bathtub overflowing

had a rather humiliating day after falling asleep in her bed with the bathtub running, causing a big mess in the bathroom and the floor below. The star writes on her Twitter (@keisha_buchanan):

Ok so I just had a phone call from my mum saying that she has had a call from the apartment below saying their electrics are…

Leaking water & its coming from her flat! I told her the truth & she is NOT happy!They have knocked the door but I’m 2 embarrassed 2 answer..

Help!!!! Oh no

They obviously know someone’s home because they keep knocking. I bet mum outed me! I feel so ashamed..

Just looked in the mirror & I look a right mess. There is NO way I’m answering! I know now’s not the time 4 vanity but I’m a girl so oh well..

@philjon21 I’ve cleaned the water up… They obviously want to know what happened and I’m being a kid about it because it’s all my fault

@claireydunlap They just want to tell me off! I mean, I’ve cleaned the water up.. but obviously I’ve been exposed.. lol actually its not funny

How could I fall asleep with the bath running!!!… Seriously, most people don’t run a bath and go back to bed. I thought I could stay awake!

Mum’s home now! I gave her the break down of what happened, she was annoyed at first but started laughing when she heard the full story! PHEW

@popdirt I know I’m going to have to pay! So much for me trying to hide things… lol

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One thought on “Overflowing Bathtub Leaves Sleeping Keisha Buchanan Red-Faced

  1. Claire Tedrick says:

    Poor girl! I’m glad I’ve never had that happen. I have to keep on filling my Whirlpool Tub. It holds 116 gallons and takes about 10 mins.

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