Pals Don’t Bank On Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Marriage

Sources close to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tell the New York Post it’s doubtful the pair got a marriage license at the Savannah courthouse yesterday. “Oh, I would be very surprised if they got a marriage license. Shocked, actually,” a pal of Affleck’s said. “They won’t reconcile,” another source said. “Look at Ben – he has ditched all of his Armani wardrobe and is back to dressing like he did in the pre-Jennifer days – shlumpy. Notice, he didn’t come to her in Miami. She had to go to him.”

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Inspired ‘Cruelty’ Actors

September 22, 2003 – In the screwball romantic comedy ‘Intolerable Cruelty’, George Clooney plays a scheming Beverly Hills divorce lawyer to Catherine Zeta-Jones’ manipulative, gold-digging divorcee. When asked if the actors patterned their characters after anyone in particular, Clooney didn’t miss a beat. “Ben and Jen,” he said further fueling, if not confirming, the rumors he had anything but an enjoyable and rewarding experience filming ‘Out of Sight’ in 1998 with Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Manager Hits Paydirt

September 22, 2003 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “This week Forbes magazine issued their list of the richest 400 Americans. Once again at the top of the list is Bill Gates. Bill Gates is the richest man in America. The richest woman in the nation is J.Lo’s wedding planner.”

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6 thoughts on “Pals Don’t Bank On Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Marriage

  1. bluerose88 says:

    who cares I don’t…so please stop posting this, I’m sick of “BENIFFER”!

  2. justincaseyestwo says:

    I don’t know about anybody else but under the circumstances I don’t think I would want to hang with somebody whose looking for a gun!

  3. grprincess says:

    Me too. Can’t they just kill themselves.

  4. OohSexxy says:

    She’s all over him!! He didn’t go to her she had to come to him haha The media is so obsessed with these two it’s disgusting!

  5. Carrie says:

    This relationship is so bizarre. I still to this day can’t understand why J Lo is so obsessed with that Affleck. He’s humiliated her, all his pals including Clooney & Damon despise her, his mother dislikes her. What’s this stupid relationship all about. It’s this puzzle that’s why people are so obsessed with them. And just when you think they’re over, they start popping up again. How much longer. My guess is until Jersey Girl hits theaters.

  6. fantasylover says:

    I also think that they will continue this charade until Jersey Girl. And they also need free publicity for their movies that they are going to do separately. They have turned from annoying, to vomit inducing, to just plain bizarre. Now we have to endure their “true love” for a bit longer. They both need to leave each other alone. And then they need to leave us alone. Not forever, but they need to take long hiatus from the spotlight.

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