Michelle Branch’s ‘Hotel Paper’ “Remarkably Good”

Michelle Branch 'Hotel Paper' album cover

Pamela Apuhin of the Philippines Daily News reviewed Michelle Branch’s latest effort ‘Hotel Paper’, calling it “remarkably good album that can truly please listeners regardless of age and sex.”

Apuhin said, “Upon hearing Michelle Branch’s latest single, ‘Are You Happy Now’ for the first time, I could clearly tell that the 20-year-old guitar goddess, who paved the way for young singer-songwriter acts such as and Avril Lavigne, has grown up. Not only has her voice grown notably stronger, the guitars in that single are more aggressive (courtesy of Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro) and the overall message of the track employs an ‘in your face’ quality (courtesy of an old boyfriend who dumped Branch for another girl) that would’ve made labelmate Alanis Morrisette proud.”

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10 thoughts on “Michelle Branch’s ‘Hotel Paper’ “Remarkably Good”

  1. collins_xtina says:

    I’m From Philippines but Michelle Branch is not Popular here!

  2. mslin says:

    This by a person who likes Britney, the Britney who takes all her clothes off to get attention? While Michelle is the the one with class, and talented, and who is cool enough to not have to take off her clothes of act like a tramp to get noticed…..it’s not the fact that Brit takes her clothes off, it’s the fact that Michelle doesn’t have to, because her fame rests mostly on her talent. *laughs* stupid

    I heard her new single is getting some play over where you live though:)

  3. mattychick says:

    Isn’t that what Avril is doing .but any way that sort of good for her I guess I can’t stand that CD it suck so much. but oh well. I like her old stuff

  4. collins_xtina says:

    No she’s not, That’s not true. she’s not a POPULAR HERE!

  5. hellahooked says:

    Michelle Branch is simply the best. She is the best singer who is extremely talented, no one can touch her.

  6. Lil_Shant says:

    what do you mean no one can touch her… yeah she’s good and all but there’s plenty of artists better then her… like XTINA and ALANIS! *peace*

  7. hellahooked says:

    No one can touch her, enough said.. lol please don’t say Christina in the same sentence as Alanis. Alanis has talent but I cannot say the same for Christina.

  8. XtinaFighter says:

    hellahooked hate to tell you but Christina can sing and Michelle can’t the only thing she is good at is the guitar and she isn’t even that great! Christina is the BEST!!!! Michelle SUCKS she CAN’T sing!

  9. mslin says:

    First off Michelle can sing, just differently than Christina……… Second at least Michelle doesn’t have to “reinvent” herself as a slut to get more fame And third, sure Michelle no Led Zeppelin, but I doubt Christina could play one chord on a guitar.

  10. empty_hand3d says:

    She CAN sing. Ever wonder how she sold so many of her albums? Everyone CAN sing. That doesn’t mean they sing well or anything, but just to inform all the idiots out there, if you CAN sing- it doesn’t mean you sing well. I USED to really like Christina Aguilera, but now I don’t anymore. I really like Michelle though. She writes her own music, lyrics, sings well (in my opinion), and plays instruments unlike a lot of other people. I think that Michelle Branch is really talented, and Christina is too, but I agree with mslin.

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