Parents’ Divorce Still Tough Every Day For Hilary Duff

Newsday writer Lewis Beale spoke with in a Q&A about her new movie ‘War, Inc.’, also asking the 20-year-old about the breakup of her parents Susan and Bob and how it has affected her personally and her career. “I don’t think it has affected my career,” Hilary responded. “I knew people would find out about it, because when I was making that album [2007’s ‘Dignity’], it was on my mind. It has changed my life forever, and I wanted my fans to know about it. I was 18 when it happened, and I think growing up in my business, I grew up a little faster. You just never think it will happen to you when you’re that age, when your parents have been together for so long. It was a shock, it’s tough, and it’s still tough every day.” Read more.

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