Paris Hilton And Nick Carter In A ‘Backstreet’ Kiss

Star magazine reports and star Nick Carter were snapped in a strenuous bit of lip-locking in a Beverly Hills alleyway parking area the day before New Year’s Eve. This despite reports that Hilton had a new beau, model Lucas Babin.

Nick Carter And At The Airport

January 14, 2004 – Contributed by elgato: The Backstreet Dirt Forums has photos of Nick Paris at an airport. At the moment, it’s not known if they are at an airport in the Bahamas heading for the United States or if they are at a U.S. airport arriving from the Bahamas. The two spent the past few days on the islands for a Michael Jordan charity golf event.

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3 thoughts on “Paris Hilton And Nick Carter In A ‘Backstreet’ Kiss

  1. eLgato says:

    Star Magazine also put out a story that Hillary Clinton was romancing an alien. And the magazine still says they stand by that story. why does Popdirt post stuff from Star magazine? I can understand if it’s the media trying to get the scoop on celebs. but when it’s a tabloid that makes up 100% of the stuff they print, why do you call it dirt? call it what it is: bull

  2. SelenaY143 says:

    I can’t believe Nick’s still out with this girl. Wait, not to worry, he will be with the other Boys and this whole fairytale will be over. I just hope that happens. Paris Hilton is “vacant” so Nick will probably have to find a better girl.

  3. mnm says:

    After thinking about this one, I wonder if Paris just wants to tick Willa Ford off ( after Willa made some comments about Paris in an interview not too long ago ) by going out with Nick and having it everywhere in the media ( the photos and all )?! I will be surprised to see how long this romance lasts, but would like to know more details about how it came to this ( supposedly they are now living together – did anyone else hear that? It seems somewhat serious if it’s true. ). I wonder how his family is reacting to this – especially, now that Aaron has dropped emancipation with his mom, and their parents are back together and no longer getting divorced? I’d like to see Nick happy and with a decent girl, but it’s pretty hard to digest Paris Hilton with him – especially, after hearing/seeing that she was in that 2nd video with Nicole Lenz and a few others. I bet before this is all over, Nick’s going to be involved in something weird, too. Then again, maybe he’s trying to follow in Tommy Lee’s footsteps ( with the Pam video, etc… ) since they’re also friends. I could see AJ with Paris for awhile, but not Nick. Anyway, hope he’s on some serious, strong antibiotics in the meantime!!! Heard Paris left Tinkerbell in Arkansas when they went to the Bahamas, and that she told the people she left her with that she’d have her “people” get her or something, but that she has never come back for the little dog. Also heard that Nicole Richie’s real, biological dad is Peter Michael Escovedo, the band leader on the Wayne Brady Show. Anybody else hear about those things?!

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