Paris Hilton Angry With Dubai Club BED

Paris Hilton and Harajuku

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@parishilton) after arriving in the UAE, fuming over a club claiming she’d be making an appearance while repeatedly misspelling the name of the city she was visiting, Dubai, to film a local version of ‘BFF’. The heiress writes:

Some club in Dubai named BED, is falsely advertising everywhere here that I am doing a club appearance at their club tonight. I just want everyone to know that this is Not True. I have no idea about this and it is wrong of them to lie to everyone and pretend I am going there. Yes, I will be doing appearances during my stay here, but they are booked thru my agents. So don’t believe these people, I am not going to this club and never approved this appearance. I know this seems weird to blog about, but it just really annoys me that a club will use my name without my permission and without paying my rate and then trick a bunch of people into going to their club. It’s not right and I am sick of people getting away with it.

On the other hand, Dubai is amazing!!! Everyone is so warm and welcoming! They had all the officials greet and meet me at the airport when I landed and everyone was so respectful and nice. I am staying in the most incredible hotel! I think Dubai is an incredible and magical place with such great vibes. I love their culture and am so excited for this incredible journey I’m going to be on. Today, I am meeting my potential BFF’s, I’m so excited!!!
Love you all!!!
xoxo Paris

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