Paris Hilton Enters 2007 Bull Run

Paris Hilton announced that she will enter the 2007 Bull Run, a race where she will drive her new Spyker C8 Spyder from Montreal, Canada to Key West, Florida. Check out pictures of the heiress and her pricey ride from X17. Watch footage from TMZ below the cut.

MySpace Stars: Is Your Celebrity ‘Friend’ A Famous Fake?

April 24, 2007 – Hollie McKay of profiled the problem of celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton falling victim to posers on MySpace. “There are a lot of problems with predators who pretend to be celebrities,” said Parry Aftab, executive director of, a site that provides help, safety information and education to Internet and mobile device users. “Anybody can pretend to be anybody they want and set up a profile. MySpacers need to recognize that they are often being conned. This is illegal.” Read more.

Paris Hilton Rep Responds To Shanna Moakler Phone Leak

April 24, 2007 – After Shanna Moakler posted contact info for Paris and on her MySpace blog over the weekend, the heiress’ publicist Elliot Mintz responded to TMZ. “It appears to me that this woman is simply desperate for press and attention,” Mintz said. “The facts are simple. Shanna deliberately posted Paris’ phone number and email address on her MySpace site. It was an unprovoked invasion upon Paris’ privacy which caused her to immediately change her contact information. It was a childish, mean-spirited thing to do and we are not going to dignify such an action with any additional comment.”

Who’s Digging In Paris Hilton’s Trash?

April 21, 2007 – Paris was spotted outside her home about to head out to Sherman Oaks for a birthday party. A paparazzo told the heiress they seen someone going through the garbage cans outside, and Hilton said the photographer should talk to her assistant about the mysterious trash thief. Check out pictures and video from X17.

Paris Hilton & Hook Up?

April 2, 2007 – The New York Daily News reports Paris apparently kicked Josh Henderson to the curb to hook up with on Wednesday night at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel club Teddy’s. “They were all over each other,” a source revealed. “They both ended up back at Paris’ house,” joined by her sister, Nicky, and Nicky’s boyfriend, David Katzenberg. Blunt was last linked to Hilton’s rival Lindsay Lohan, a continuing effort by the two party girls to hook up with each other’s ex and not so ex lovers. Read more.

Paris Hilton Back Behind The Wheel

April 20, 2007 – Paris was spotted driving around Los Angeles in her Bentley. When the heiress was later asked if she had somehow got her license back, she gruffly replied: “Obviously.” Her lawyer, Howard Weitzman, confirmed to TMZ that Hilton’s suspension in connection with her drunk driving arrest last September has been lifted, and she has her license back. Pictures and video from Splash and TMZ have since been removed.

Paris Hilton & Josh Henderson Getting Serious

April 17, 2007 – Things are apparently getting serious with Paris and Josh Henderson. A source close to the heiress tells Star magazine, “Paris is completely smitten with Josh. I have never seen her allow a guy to take the lead. When she is around Josh, she just follows him around like a puppy dog and never lets him out of her sight.” The story at has since been removed.

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