Paris Hilton Has The Blues, Gets Some Hugs reports was getting plenty of support at Teddy’s in Hollywood on Thursday (May 31), as the heiress prepares to begin a 23-day jail sentence next week. “She was getting hugs from her friends and looking rather down and depressed,” an onlooker said. The full story at has since been removed.

Kathy Hilton Comments On Daughter Paris

June 2, 2007 – Henry Trappler of spoke with Paris Hilton’s mother Kathy outside Mr. Chow, where she was dining with hubby Rick. Asked about how Paris is doing as she prepares to start her 23 day jail sentence next week, Kathy responded, “I think she’s preparing. Praying and preparing.” has since removed the video.

Paris Hilton Planning To Glam Up For Perp Walk

June 1, 2007 – The New York Daily News reports Paris Hilton plans to turn her perp walk on Monday morning into a catwalk by having a hair and makeup team make her look her best. “The timing is to make sure she makes all the celebrity weeklies,” an insider explained. “Paris is a genius at marketing herself. She managed to turn having a sex tape to her benefit, and she’s going to do the same out of going to prison.” Read more.

James Blunt Insists Paris Hilton Is Just A Fun Friend

May 31, 2007 – A source tells Neil Sean of Sky News that James Blunt is laughing off reports that he’s dating Paris Hilton. “We’re friends,” Blunt told a spy. “She’s good fun, but there’s nothing more to it.”

Jail Paris Hilton In Australia

May 27, 2007 – In what he terms a “community service announcement”, Bondi Blonde owner Jack Singleton’s agency Jack Watts Currie has forked out close to $1 million to place ads in US papers and trade magazines asking authorities to send Paris Hilton to Australia instead of jail. “Please send Paris Hilton to the world’s biggest convict colony: Australia,” Singleton asks authorities. “Paris has already served time Down Under. We’d be happy (especially the blokes) to have her back and we already have a special place put aside for Ms Hilton to serve out her sentence. It’s called Bondi Beach.” Read more.

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