Paris Hilton: Nick Carter & Other Exes Used Me For Sex & Fame

spoke with News of the World about how the previous men in her life like star Nick Carter, Greek shipping heirs Paris Latsis and Stavros Niarchos III, and Rick Salomon used her for sex and fame. But Hilton thinks she’s found Mr. Right with Good Charlotte’s Benji Madde. “After a while I had to start questioning exactly why somebody wanted to be with me,” said Paris, 27. “And that made things really difficult. I’m so relieved I don’t have to think about that now because I’ve found someone who loves me for me. Benji’s my best friend and I know he’d never hurt me.”

The entire story at has since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “Paris Hilton: Nick Carter & Other Exes Used Me For Sex & Fame

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Before you meet the handsome prince you have to kiss a few frogs, unfortunately.
    Every girl knows this.

    I’m so happy that Paris found a good man who clearly loves her and is devoted to her.

    Benji Madden is a true prince among men. I love him for the romantic way he expresses himself about Paris.
    And Benji being a hot and successful rocker does not hurt either, of course.

  2. Niki says:

    Are you kidding me? While some may have been that, I know for a fact not all of them. Nick Carter didn’t try to hook up with her…she CHASED him and called him REPEATEDLY until he finally went out with her.

    She’s such an ultimate whore. She’s saying the same sh** about Benji she said about Nick, Paris, Starving Nachos…she falls in love the way most people change their socks. It’s ridiculous. You know, because Nick didn’t make her slutty image better by being clean cut and he didn’t have a bad image. And what did he get in return? The slut allowing everyone to think he beat her.

    She is such a waste of space.

  3. Kaitlyn says:

    Why would Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys USE Paris Hilton for Fame? I feel like Nick Carter has been famous way longer in his life than Paris Hilton has — as well as the fact that he’s famous for a talent – unlike her who ultimately is famous for being a drunk and a slut. Although both needed trashy reality shows, I feel like if ANYTHING Nick liked dating Paris because she was ALSO famous and wasn’t using HIM for his money and fame… Sometimes I love the girl and sometimes I just don’t understand what goes thru her mind…

  4. Becca says:

    Wow. I agree with Niki and Kaitlyn. Nick did not need Paris, in fact, dating her only damaged his career. By mentioning his name, she is just trying to get more attention brought to the subject, which isn’t needed.

    One thing that can be said about it though, is Nick did seem to grow up after being with her. Good for him, now if only she would do the same.

  5. anonymus says:

    This person has the ability to get on my bad everytime you open your mouth ….. I am of the opinion “if I can not say anything nice do not say anything at all” but it is that I can not simply remove the worst of me!. Nick Carter has used it for fame? Nick Carter has been in this business for thirteen years and has earned it without help from others. Unlike Nick she does not need his family name to be someone, much less come up with a brainless whose fame comes from a porn video of his family name and ensubirse the tables showing tits and ass … .. This girl just brought bad reputation to everyone who approaches her.

  6. florence says:

    Nick always been a cutie had a good rep before Paris. She chased him please. A regular girl would die to be with Nick obviously when he was spending money and in between her legs he wasn’t that bad was he? That why real genuine girls like me is 2nd to hoes like her. Nick try other girls like black girls like me etc.

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