Paris Hilton: The Newest Star

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I believe that is one of the most confident celebrities in Hollywood. Not only that, but she’s truly fun and exciting, unlike many celebrities who are so boring nowadays, and just old news, like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Now I know another person wrote an essay about Paris Hilton (which was excellent), but I wanted to make it better by naming the qualities that people don’t know about Paris, or just don’t want to know because they are jealous:

1) She has talents that people don’t give her credit for. First of all, she’s an author. She’s probably one of the first celebrity’s to actually write a book that’s clever, unique, and a good read! Instead of whining about how terrible her life is and crap, she just has fun with her writing and just gives us a funny and unique glimpse into the life of an heiress, and even gives us advice about how to be one. Now how many celebrities actually give advice? Um, zero, hello! She’s also a clothes and purse designer, and is well respected in the modeling industry. Can J.Lo do that? Um, no, I don’t see her name on a bag that would be worth $1,000. I rest my case. And plus, she can pull of a reality TV show that may seem ridiculous at times, but it actually works! Can Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera do that? Um, no they can’t, their reality TV shows will suck!

2) She’s confident. Does she have to give the finger to the media to tell them to back off? NO. If she wanted her privacy she would get it by not appearing in the spotlight, unlike Britney Spears who always whines about the paparazzi, and yet is always out there walking around with her fattiness jiggling about. And unlike Christina, doesn’t even have to dress half naked to prove how sexy she is. Nowadays, she wears nice business suits, and looks very proper and nice.

3) She’s a wholesome person. Unlike Aaron Carter, she doesn’t have to date two people at the same time and not care about the consequences. She is now in love with Paris, which she says that if she has a child with him than she will name her child Paris too. And unlike Nick Carter, I highly doubt that Paris will hit Paris, so therefore, Paris makes good choices in men. I don’t know why she dated Nick Carter anyway, he’s such a dork and a loser, BSB would be so much more fun if he weren’t in it.

4) She’s an aspiring actress. Unlike Britney Spears, Paris will probably make it big in the box office when her starring role in a movie will come out. Can Britney and J.Lo do that? Um, no, J.Lo only did that with Selena, and Britney did that since, well, never.

5) She’s smart. Yeah I know by now some of you are probably laughing till your eyes roll out, but I am serious. Many people don’t realize that she’s smart because for one, for someone who is famous for being famous, she sure knows how to make money off of catch phrases like “that’s hot” and a TV show that will be much better when Nichole Richie is off, who needs her anyway, even Paris knows that Nicole is a waste of space.

So therefore, whether you like her or not, is going to reign over anybody that gets in her way. Britney and Christina, your days are over, Britney you better hold onto your paycheck because Kevin will blow it over anyway, and then you would probably be working for Paris to help clean up the dog poop of Paris’s puppies. And Christina, you better sing in nightclubs or something, because people aren’t going to care if you can sing jazz or bee bop. Buh-bye J.Lo, say goodbye to your last film. Goodbye Nick Carter and Aaron, you better be lucky that you guys are very cute (even though your character needs work), but hey, if you dream hard, maybe you will both marry Paris one day. So yeah, Paris Hilton is the best, and we should give her more credit than she deserves.

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One thought on “Paris Hilton: The Newest Star

  1. nickstruemissamerica25 says:

    Paris Hilton only started out big because of her NAME..ok I went to go se house of Wax and omg the girl can not act..of coarse the movie just sucked anyways but…I have heard Paris’s song…now that’s a joke in her recording she is too low and she sounds like a cat in for her book..she didn’t write it..she had someone write it for her..she has no time to write it..I mean the girl is stupid and she makes Jessica Simpson look smart..I think the whole paris fad is going to go out here far as I am concerned shes a no one and just a publicity whore..there’s my two cents!

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