Paris Hilton Visits ‘The Late Show’

Paris Hilton visited ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Monday night to promote the new season of ‘The Simple Life’. Hilton also discussed her debut album, her failed romance with Paris Latsis, confirmed Dave’s suspicion that her feud with was phoney, and discussed her favorite club hangouts. Read on for a rough transcript.

Dave: Our first guest stars on the fourth season of “The Simple Life” this one is entitled “till death do us part” ladies and gentlemen, here she is, Paris Hilton. (Cheers and applause)

Dave: Boy, you look beautiful.

Paris: Thank you.

Dave: You look quite lovely that is a lovely, a lovely dress and a perfect for summer. And wow!, You look great.

Paris: Thank you very much.

Dave: How are you? Are you all right.

Paris: So do you.

Dave: I don’t look great, i look stupid.

Paris: You look hot.

Dave: I notice you have an engagement ring.

Paris: No, it on the other hand.

Dave: Was that the engagement ring.

Paris: No, this is from my grandmother

Dave: that is beautiful, my gosh that is lovely.

Paris: Thank you.

Dave: And that will cause what, carpal tunnel, good heavens. That is a big thing. Leave your yo-yo at the house. How but you — now you were engaged. Weren’t you engaged the last time you were here.

Paris: It was.

Dave: And as I recall it was also to a guy also named Paris Hilton.

Paris: No, Paris Latsis.

Dave: What was his deal.

Paris: He was a great guy. We are still really good friends. I just wasn’t ready to get marry.

Dave: Where did you meet him.

Paris: In Monaco five years ago.

Dave: Was it a function, you just bumped into one another.

Paris: A club.

Dave: What kind of a club.

Paris: This place Jimmies.

Dave: Oh, Jimmies.

Paris: Uh-huh.

Dave: And is it a hot, happening action-packed dance club.

Paris: It is probably the best place in Monaco.

Dave: And it is and after-hours club.

Paris: No.

Dave: What are the hours, by the way for people who may be —

Paris: I don’t know.

Paris: In the area, ant want to drop in. But now could I get in to Jimmy’s.

Paris: Definitely.

Dave: I really could get in, do you think so or not.

Paris: Definitely.

Dave: And it is it crowded and jam-packed.

Paris: It’s okay.

Dave: And is it international celebrities and socialites.

Paris: Dwra.

Dave: And what do you do in there? Do you have snacks, are there snacks? (Laughter)

Paris: We just hang out, have fun.

Dave: Is there a salad bar, you have to have something to eat.

Paris: A dance club.

Paris: Yeah.

Dave: Bands or DJ.

Paris: DJ.

Dave: And how often do you go there.

Paris: Just in the summertime. Not this summer though.

Dave: Are you not going this summer.

Paris: Huh huh.

Dave: You are working.

Paris: I’m promoting the album.

Dave: An album?

Paris: Yeah.

Dave: Paul did you know she has an album.

Paul: Not only did I know it, i have heard the single and we played it as she walked down.

Dave: Is that right?

Paris: Stars are blind, right. It’s hot.

Paris: Huai.

— Thank you. (Applause)

Dave: Tell us about the album are you — you must be musical, right.

Paris: Well, you know it has been a dream since i was a little girl. I have been playing the violin and piano since i was six. And music is a thing i have always love to do and finally i finished my album and I’m really proud.

Dave: Did you write your own music.

Paris: Yes.

Dave: So these are songs that are meaningful to you in some way.

Paris: Uh-huh.

Dave: What kind of music is it.

Paris: It is a mix of rock, hip-hop, pop. I like all different kinds of music so I wanted the album to just have every type.

Dave: Was this difficult, did you find it, it sounds like a lot of work.

Paris: It is a lot of work but i love music. I love to entertain and it is just something that I’m really looking forward to everyone hearing.

Paris: Would you like to sing a little something now.

Paris: I will come sing on the show, not now. (Applause)

Dave: Okay. But not tonight because you did not prepare to do something.

Paris: No, I want to do like a really hot performance.

Dave: I’m sure you will.

Paris: Not in this outfit.

Dave: You just look lovely. So is the engagement on or off.

Paris: Off I’m single for the first time in my life.

Dave: Oh, man.

Paris: I love it.

Dave: Are you 25. And what happened to Paris, what was his problem there.

Paris: Nothing. We just were better as friends. He is a really great guy. We where still really good friends. I just want to be alone. I have never had time to really get to know myself. I always put all my energy into the man. I don’t get to like spend time on me. So now I am just getting to know who I really am, until I can fine someone else.

Dave: Was he crowding your space?

Paris: No. (Laughter)

Paris: We’re just better as friends. I like being single.

Dave: For heaven’s sakes, you have been ever since I have known you there has always been some sort of romance in your life. But are you just a kid. And look at me, I’m not just a kid.

Paris: Uh-huh.

Dave: And there is certainly no romance in my life. (Laughter) i don’t know what my point is, exactly. But — (laughter)

Dave: But maybe I’ve gone too far. So you are going to be by yourself now for a while. And how is it going so far.

Paris: I love it. Going out with my sister and my girlfriends and just, it’s cool not having to answer to anyone. No jealousy or weird calls. Being alone.

Dave: The weird calls, what were the weird calls like.

Paris: Just jealous calls, where are you, what are you doing, because I travel a lot. And guys get insecure when you travel to be around people.

Dave: Are you at Jimmies a lot of that kind of thing.

Paris: No, I’m working around the world all the time.

Dave: And well, good for you. Here is my kind of life plan for you. I could be your life coach. Do you have a life coach.

Paris: No. Every time I come on the show are you like a life coach.

Dave: Thank you very much.

Paris: Yes.

Dave: I see you probably not really getting married until mid to late 30s.

Paris: I think 30.

Dave: I see mid to late 30’S.

Paris: Okay. ( Laughter )

Dave: And… but between now and then, anything you want to do. And you really, you’ve got the world by the tail don’t you? Now let’s talk about this Nicole Richie. What is that problem there?

Paris: I actually heard you back in the beginning of the monologue and you’re the first one to figure it out.

Dave: Yeah, it’s all phony isn’t it?

Paris: Yeah. ( Laughter )

Dave: It’s like one of those show business…

Paris: I can’t believe you figured it out. ( Applause )

Dave: And here’s why I know that it’s all phony, because you will never say what it is and she will never say what it is. So I think to myself that’s because there is no real reason for it to be. It’s just a little thing for the show.

Paris: You’re right. I can’t believed you figured it out.

Dave: Thank you. But the two of you are still fast friends?

Paris: Dave, would I lie to you?

Dave: No, of course not. Why would you lie to me? So I have figured it out, and there you go. So once again we’ve been duped by Hollywood.

Paris: Yep. ( Laughter )

Dave: And how do you think that makes us feel? ( Laughter )

Paris: Well, you’re pretty smart now. You figured it out now, finally.

Dave: What kinds of things will you be doing on the new show?

Paris: It’s a lot of We play housewives and every week we move in with a different family and the wife leaves and we take over.

Dave: Ooh. ( Laughter )

Paris: I got to help deliver a baby.

Dave: Whoa!

Paris: Yeah. It’s fun though. We had a fun time.

Dave: Do you have my address? ( Laughter and applause ) you know who is out here, now you know who is out here, is the man who edits the “New York Times” crosswords. Do the crossword puzzles.

Paris: My sister loves them. I don’t know.

Dave: What are you going to do this summer.

Paris: I’m working.

Dave: You were talking about you had your own nightclubs and you had one down in Atlanta, or Florida, or something.

Dave: And they are called Paris.

Paris: Club Paris.

Dave: And are they still up and running?

Paris: Yeah, we’re doing one in Vegas. Just right now figuring it all out. I’m not focusing on it right now. I don’t have time to really deal with it.

Dave: Well, you better focus on that because you know what happens. You don’t pay attention. Next thing you know, board of health. So you have to focus on it. Or they will shut you down like yesterday’s pancakes.

Paris: Our places are very nice.

Paris: Our places are very nice.

Dave: Oh, golly. We have a lot of fun, don’t we.

Paris: Yeah.

Dave: What are you doing this summer, you say you are working with the album and stuff.

Paris: Uh-huh.

Dave: What are you doing after the show, going someplace cool.

Paris: Put engineer what I don’t know what that is.

Paris: A restaurant, and then down stair is like the club.

Dave: They call it butter that is like their thing.

Paris: It is really good, downtown.

Dave: And butter means symbolically.

Paris: It doesn’t mean like butter, just like cool.

Dave: It doesn’t mean like butter.

Paris: No, part of — just a word, not the actual food.

Dave: Yeah. Creamy and delicious and —

Paris: It’s just a really fun place. It is my favorite place to go.

Dave: And bad for your cholesterol.

Paris: And then marquee.

Dave: Paul, does any of this ring a bell.

Paul: I know all about this stuff.

Paris: No you don’t.

Paris: Yes, he does. I have seen him there.

Paul: Marquee, swings, you know, they will probably be playing Paris’ song when she comes in. Butter is, you know, Scott Sardiano, is that the other guy.

Paris: You know him, wow!.

Dave: Might as well be living on Neptune.

Paul: One of them dates — — it is like really, really hot.

Dave: I will take your word for it. Well, “The Simple Life” fourth season, Sundays at 10:00, Sundays at 10:00 on e channel s that right? Jeez, you look great and nice to see you again. You will come back and sing one day.

Paris: Definitely.

Dave: Thank you very much. The lovely Paris Hilton, everybody. We’ll be right back with will Shortz. (Applause)

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