Paris Hilton Won’t Sign Fake Photos

Paris Hilton was at Koi, Prey, Chi, and Concorde last week, where she signed autographs for fans and eBay hucksters until one tried to slip a Photoshopped photo of Paris into the signing session.

Paris On J.Lo And Marc, Britney And Kevin

December 26, 2004 – Us Weekly had Paris Hilton share her thoughts on celebrity couples. She said of Marc Anthony and wife Jennifer Lopez: “They look hot together. It’s a pleasure to see two people so in love.” As for and hubby Kevin Federline, Hilton said, “[Britney] looks so happy with him these days – they’re very cute together and they will have hot kids.”

Lloyd Grove To Ban Paris Hilton From Gossip Column

December 23, 2004 – Lloyd Grove of The New York Daily News, citing several reasons he’s outraged with Paris Hilton, has made his New Year’s resolution to stop writing about the heiress in his daily gossip column. Grove writes, “Far be it from me to advise other practitioners in the gossip game, but I’m through with her. We’re a better country than that. Iraq is a better country than that.”

Paris Hilton Discusses ‘Screwed’

December 21, 2004 – Paris Hilton, who says she grew up singing but was “too shy to sing in public before,” is planning an album to come out in February 2005, and spoke with ‘The Insider’ about her new single ‘Screwed’. “It’s about a girl who’s in love with a guy and he is just not the right guy for her,” Paris said, “so she’s screwed because she loves him and she knows she shouldn’t — which I’m sure has happened to a lot of girls.”

Paris Hilton’s Thoughts On Dating A Backstreet Boy

December 19, 2004 – Rolling Stone magazine interviewed Paris Hilton in their current issue, among the questions asked were, “When you were dating Nick Carter, you admitted to liking his group. What’s your favorite Backstreet song?” She replied by saying, “Ewww. I hate them. I don’t know what I was thinking. I met him, and I didn’t really like him. He kept calling my bodyguards: Introduce me! Introduce me!, I was like, ‘I’m not going out with a Backstreet Boy.’ Then I ended up thinking he was, like, nice, and ended up liking him. I was just sick of bad guys, but he ended up being an asshole in the end.” She also says that when she was 16, she begged her father for a boob job but he declined, when she turned 18 she changed her mind on a boob job because “They look deformed. All my friends that have them, they look so gross.” Hilton thinks that tatoo’s above the ass are, “chessy and unoriginal”. Meanwhile, she revealed that on her upcoming CD she will cover David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ and Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’, and will be working with Lil Jon on a track titled, ‘That’s Hot’.

Paris Hilton And Most Annoying Of ’04

December 16, 2004 – Star magazine listed ‘The Most Annoying People of 2004’, with Paris Hilton and tied atop the list. At #4 was Ashlee Simpson and at #6 was Lindsay Lohan.

Britney, Paris Hilton Dogs Spark Dangerous Trend

December 7, 2004 – Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, issued a warning against buying dogs as Christmas presents to keep up with the latest fad popularized by Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and others. “Giving someone a new puppy for Christmas along with a pair of cowboy boots or a fake fur sole is not something you should do lightly,” Dogs Trust chief executive Clarissa Baldwin said. “With the likes of Paris Hilton and now Britney Spears following this latest fad, we are concerned this latest fashion will have a detrimental impact. Sadly, every year charities such as Dogs Trust have to pick up the pieces when people don’t think through the commitment of sharing their life with a dog. Fashions change, please make sure your commitment to your dog does not.” Check out more details at

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One thought on “Paris Hilton Won’t Sign Fake Photos

  1. alm81 says:

    I love how she’s acting all bummed out and depressed about the “Photoshopped” picture of her, like it’s such a big deal. If I were her, I’d be more concerned about people seeing that raunchy sex tape than seeing a doctored photo of her in which she’s actually wearing clothes.

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