Paris, Lindsay & Britney Make Nice After Weekend Wackiness

At 5 AM this morning, ’s publicist Elliot Mintz called one of X17’s photographers to hurry down to the Beverly Hills Hotel, and when they arrived the heiress, , and were together, laughing and gigling like good friends before entering Paris’ car. This came just a day after Lohan complained about having a drink poured on her by Hilton and after Lohan called Hilton a “cokehead” and a “cu**”, prompting Hilton to fire back “firecrotch” repeatedly at Lohan. Check out earlier comments from Mintz denying Lohan’s claims, from X17 below.

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One thought on “Paris, Lindsay & Britney Make Nice After Weekend Wackiness

  1. ScorpionMan says:

    Dumb whores, I can’t believe some people actually look up to….THAT! If they had half the amount of brain cells as STDs they would be ficking Steven Hawking!

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