Paris Puts A Scare In Cigarette Butt Smoking Britney

The National Enquirer’s Mike Walker reports that while partying at Area, accidentally lit the filter end of her cigarette, which flamed as she inhaled it. watched it go down and gasped, telling the newly single singer, “Oh my God! Don’t you know that lighting a cigarette the wrong way and inhaling stops the blood flow to your private parts… and doing it more than once means you may never experience orgasm again!” A horrified Britney responded, “Oh, no!” and for the next ten minutes, kept asking everyone if they’d ever heard of such a thing and what should she do. The heiress finally admitted she was just kidding and told Spears, “but I had you going, didn’t I?” Britney then slapped Paris on the arm, and the pair started girlie-wrestling.

Paris Hilton & Friendship Not Doomed Yet

December 29, 2006 – After Us Weekly reported Britney was left off Paris’ Christmas party guest list and that Hilton calls the singer “Animal” behind her back, a rep for the heiress responded to The New York Post. “I’ve never heard Paris use that phrase about anybody, and I won’t be surprised to see them together in the future,” said the unidentified flack, presumably Elliot Mintz.

Paris Hilton: Partying And Promoting Beer

December 28, 2006 – Party girl Paris is in Australia for New Year’s Eve celebrations and to promote a beer brand. Nine’s ‘Today’ entertainment correspondent Richard Wilkins looked back at the last time he caught up with Paris and has the latest on the hotel heiress since her arrival in Sydney on Wednesday (December 27). Watch the segment, aired Thursday, has since been removed at

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One thought on “Paris Puts A Scare In Cigarette Butt Smoking Britney

  1. astrange1 says:

    My first instinct is this is made up but then I realized Britney is enough of a dumbass to believe it. I guess after the girlie wrestling they went to the ladies room and performed oral sex on each other in the bathroom stalls.

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