Paris Vs. Shanna: Slapping, Hair Pulling, Pushing & Screaming

An eyewitness at Hyde early Wednesday morning tells Star magazine that Shanna Moakler started screaming at before slapping her in the face, presumably over Hilton hooking up with Moakler’s estranged husband Travis Barker. In response, the heiress threw a glass at the ousted ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestant. The smack was followed by hair pulling and pushing before the two were separated by security. Paris pled her case by yelling, “She hit me!! She hit me!! Kick that bitch out now!!” Moakler shouted back, “That bitch deserved what she got! She threw a glass at me!!” In the end, Hilton left first, ducking out the back door with on/off boyfriend Stavros Niarchos to file a police report, followed later by Moakler.

Shanna Moakler: I Did Not Punch

October 5, 2006 – Shanna Moakler is insisting she never punched Paris in the face at Hyde the other night. “I absolutely did not punch Paris Hilton,” she told ‘Extra’ in an interview airing tonight. Moakler told cops she was roughed up Paris’ on/off boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. “Shanna exchanged words with Paris. Stavros entered… and said he was going to ‘hit’ and ‘beat’ Shanna. Shanna replied, ‘You’re going to hit me? I’m a woman.’ Stavros then shoved her downstairs, twisted her wrists behind her back and poured a drink on her,” Moakler’s rep Susan Madore tells The New York Daily News. The story at has since been removed.

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One thought on “Paris Vs. Shanna: Slapping, Hair Pulling, Pushing & Screaming

  1. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Funny how Paris Hilton gets assaulted at a party, has NO physical signs of it that we can see, and RUNS to the police station to file charges…. That’s evidence of her character…. Had she been beaten in July 2004, she’d have been crying all OVER the place!!!!! Funny how this happens….just as Nick starts proclaiming his innocence….yet again! Nick never touched her! But I’m glad that Shana did… least I hope she did….Paris deserves it!

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