Party In The Park In Leeds

Former Blue star James, former Busted star Matt Willis, McFly, Rooster, ‘X Factor’ stars and Chico, and Totally Frank performed at Party In The Park in Leeds, England on Sunday (July 23). Watch highlight clips from YouTube. Check out pictures from WireImage.

And Tara’s TV Company Scrapped

June 21, 2006 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that former Blue star Duncan James has spoken out over the secret demise of his planned TV company with rumored girlfriend Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. “We have decided to go our separate ways business-wise as we both had fixed ideas on the sort of shows we wanted to make,” Duncan told a spy.

Duncan Doesn’t Want To Sing Forever

June 10, 2006 – The Sun’s Something For The Weekend features a Q&A with former Blue star Duncan James, where he was asked if he saw a long future as a solo singer. “Singing isn’t what I want to do forever,” he said. “The TV presenting has been cool and I’d like to do some acting but I’d really like to manage a band or set up my own agency. I want to help kids and new artists who may not otherwise have the opportunity to get into the music business. I’d been trying for years before I got into Blue. You just need the right break at the right time, which I can help with.” Read more.

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9 thoughts on “Party In The Park In Leeds

  1. Vicster ? says:

    Hey When And Where Is The Next Party In The Park ?
    How Much Is The Tickets And Where Do I Get Them From ?
    Write Back As Soon As Possible Please.

  2. Vicster says:

    When And Where Is The Next Party In The Park ( Closest To Leeds ) ?
    How Do I Get The Tickets Or Where From ?
    How Much Are The Tickets ?
    Please Reply As Soon As Possible,

  3. lisa says:

    hi there you can go to the launch on 15th of June in Leeds Millennium Square or they have them in the visitors centre in Leeds railway station – they are free you have to collect them and only 4 per person

  4. Rachel says:


    can I get them from breeze Leeds website? If so, when?

  5. linsey says:

    is there any were else I can get them froom I’m desperate to go

  6. Ej says:

    soz mateys
    they sold out completely …
    But if you listen to radio aire 96.3, they are giving away the last tickets throughout July
    hope that helps
    next year get em quicker!
    You can get them off the breeze website, if you are a member (but its to late now)
    You can find out where to get the tickets next year on the Leeds website, and radio aire web site!

  7. tomm says:

    Can I get tickets from this website with my breezecard ? and if I can when ?

  8. tomm says:

    Hey can I get tickets off this website ? and if I can when ?

  9. popdirt says:

    you can’t purchase tickets at popdirt, this is a music news site. they probably aren’t on sale for a few more months anyway

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