Passion Pit MySpace Transmissions Live Set

Passion Pit visited with MySpace Transmissions for a live set and interview. The Cambridge, Massachusetts electro pop band performed ‘Sleepyhead’ ‘Moth Wings’, ‘Little Secrets’ and ‘I’ve Got Your Number’. During the brief interview, Michael Angelakos and company talked about their current influences.

“I think the biggest influences that can be heard on the record would be obviously Kate Bush, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel. Thick pop. Lush pop,” Angelakos explained. “Consists on melody. They seem to have a really big influence on the songwriting. I think in terms of the production, I know that we were listening a lot to Capsule, it’s a Japanese synthpop band. We’d throw on a Jay-Z track or before we go in and really track anything for the record to kind of give us this frame of mind. In terms of the songwriting, a lot of Judee Sill came in. It’s really had to pinpoint I guess. We were listening to a lot and throwing things at the wall and wanted to see what would stick.”

Watch the ‘Sleepyhead’ performance via YouTube below.

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