Pat O’Brien: Judge Marsha Revel Did Lindsay Lohan A Favor

Former ‘Access Hollywood’ host Pat O’Brien appeared on the ‘Today’ show to offer his thoughts on news that Lindsay Lohan will be headed for jail after Judge Marsha Revel sentenced the 24-year-old to a 90 day sentence for a probation violation.

“Well, I see a woman, a girl, a young lady, who is in serious, serious trouble,” said O’Brien, who has dealt with his own addiction issues. “And I’ve watched Lindsay throughout this whole thing. In fact, a few years ago I actually confronted her and said, ‘Are you going to be OK?’ Well, she’s not OK. And that’s a woman right there, a young lady– a very good actor, by the way — who is in serious, serious trouble. And this judge did her a huge favor because it was either this or die, in my opinion. And believe me, she was on a journey to death. And now she’s on a journey hopefully for recovery.”

Watch the interview below.

Lindsay Lohan: Fu** U Fingernail Had Nothing To Do With Court

Lindsay Lohan responded to the media uproar over the words “Fu** U” being written on her fingernails while in court before receiving her 90 day jail sentence. The 24-year-old told her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan):

@liana_levi didn’t we do our nails as a joke with our friend dc? it had nothing to do w/court.. it’s an airbrush design from a stencil xx

Watch LiLo emerging from the Beverly Hills Courthouse after receiving her sentence via YouTube below.

90 Days Isn’t Exactly Time In A Gulag For Lindsay Lohan

The ‘Today’ show has more on Judge Marsha Revel sentencing Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in jail for a probation violation, which had the 24-year-old actress in tears upon learning the news. Legal analyst Royal Oakes remarked, “The fact is this is not a sentence that amounts to a slam, this is not a hanging judge taking it out on Lindsay Lohan. Ninety days isn’t exactly time in a gulag.” Watch the report from NBC News’ George Lewis below.

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One thought on “Pat O’Brien: Judge Marsha Revel Did Lindsay Lohan A Favor

  1. julie herington says:

    Well thank God someone finally is making this young lady behave even if it is jail. She has needed someone to make her behave. Her parents have NO control over her and she has run amuck for to long. I hope she has to do the 90 days totaly like every one else would have to do. Just being a movie star doesn’t mean she should be cut any slack. I hope it works for her even though I am not a fan.

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