Patrick Wolf Defends Drummer Firing & Assault, Plans To Quit Music

Hint magazine caught up with at his MisShapes gig on April 7th, where the singer talked refuted the existence of god and called President Bush an asshole. Then, during the gig, he ended up firing and assaulting his drummer onstage. Watch footage below.

The situation prompted a lengthy discussion at his forum, prompting Patrick to post on Sunday (April 22) that he was quitting music. He wrote, “Because my drummer was causing arguments within my road family, taking sedative drugs before an important show in a city I really love, so much so he could not play the music I wrote, the songs that I have survived on in the last six years… because I had to slap him to see if he was even CONSCIOUS on stage…. the fact that the only thing that got any reaction out his corpse happened to be made of metal.. because all of this.. does this make me seem like I was on cocaine, or on some power trip? I was pissed off because this was just one more musician or businessman taking my good nature and generosity for a ride.”

Wolf later stated, “I have made a decision, my final concert will be this November, a retrospective with an orchestra in London. I am not sure whether there will be anymore public communications after that, in fact I am pretty sure there will be none.”

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