Patrick Wolf Making Beats N Beasts In West Sussex Country

checked in with his MySpace friends (@officialpatrickwolf) on Monday (March 24) with the following bulletin:

While I’m stuck out in the west Sussex country
Making my beats n beasts and staring out windows
At Easter full moon, digesting too much whiskey and cheese..
I thought I would make little overtures to those that
Were interested, to share some of
the soundscapes Im experimenting with over coming
months as the album comes together../

First, on my music player is an excerpt of a demo of a
a song called wargames, part of the more
political, current affair part of the album
It first started on my atari
Back in the days when I had an atari str and a
a couple of sturdy outboard samplers about eight years
ago now rewritten over the last year as a battle cry
my own battle against the apathetic technological age
I debuted it in full with an amazing gospel choir
at the barbican last winter in the plague songs
night with rufus wainwright and
Imogen Heap, I performed as neolithic warrior complete
with a bleeding skull for the climax with ondes martenot and
full brass band… a personal highlight of last year..

Now, must get back to the music…
Til the next time.. hope you enjoy a little of my kriegspiel..
catch it while you can…
x pw

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