Patrick Wolf’s Team Makes The Bandstocks Pitch

’s “Team Wolf” checked in with fans on the British pop artist’s blog at MySpace on Tuesday (January 6), offering some more details on his plans to release his fourth album via a stock funding via They write:

Firstly, we’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who has bought a Bandstock. However, we feel that many of you are still undecided about the scheme because we haven’t fully explained its benefits for both Patrick and you, the investors.

For Patrick, going the Bandstocks route will allow him to release the record on his own label with complete artistic control. (And believe Team Wolf when we tell you that Patrick has poured blood, muscle and sinew into making Battle an epic, and what we believe will be one of the most important records of 2009.) Equally importantly, it will mean that he will own the rights to his own recordings – a right not even The Beatles ever gained.

Bandstockholders, you, will be involved in a unique experiment, the first of its kind, that puts artists and fans in a business relationship that doesn’t mean you simply buy things as a passive consumer, but also that you will share in the profits of the record. All the net revenue generated from the sales of Battle – whether that be digital downloads or CDs –will be split; 50% to Patrick, 20% to the company that runs Bandstocks, and 30% to stockholders.

The album’s close to completion – your investment will not only go towards production of the record, and making this the best Patrick Wolf record to date, but also fund the making of videos, remixes, recording of b-sides, touring, fabulous artwork, a wondrous wardrobe, both CDs and 12″ vinyl (yes vinyl!), marketing and promotion.

The entire post has since been removed.

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