Patti LaBelle Comments On ‘Lady Marmalade’ Cover

Patti LaBelle spoke with Las Vegas Weekly about Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, and Mya performing her hit, ‘Lady Marmalade’, from the ‘Moulin Rouge’ soundtrack. “When the song came out for ‘Moulin Rogue’ people wanted to know what I thought about it, thinking that I was going to be a catty heifer and say I hated it, she tells Richard Abowitz. “I loved the way they did it.” In fact, a couple of years ago, LaBelle joined Aguilera and company to perform the song at the Grammy Awards. Patti stole the show. “I had my 15 seconds of fame, but I worked that little 15 seconds, because I felt so proud that these little kids are doing my song. What a compliment.”

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