Patti LaBelle’s Magic Touch On Lee Ryan’s Voice

Former star Lee Ryan tells the Daily Star when he jetted to Los Angeles to have throat nodules removed, he ran into Patti LaBelle, who apparently used an unusual technique to save the singer’s voice.

“She’s a legend so I was just happy to met her, but she’s a really spiritual person,” Ryan said. “So when I told her about my throat thing she said she could help. She held her hands just a few millimeters away from my neck for about five minutes. I couldn’t believe it, but two days later the nodules have gone and they haven’t come back since.”

Now that his voice is back in shape, Ryan plans on keeping it that way. “The only thing that does my voice in now is if I have a cigarette,” he said. “So there’s an obvious answer to that, I should stop smoking.”

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