Paula Abdul And Thumbelina Jewelry Line QVC Live Remote

Paula Abdul introduced a new jewelry line on QVC during a live one hour broadcast on Monday (May 22) at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles, California. Check out pictures from RexFeatures and GettyImages.

Paula Abdul Visits ‘Larry King Live’

May 20, 2006 – Paula Abdul was on ‘Larry King Live’ on Friday (May 19) to talk with the CNN host about next week’s ‘Idol’ finale, her alleged assault, going on a television special with Dr. Phil, her plans for a new album, and the controversy surrounding Clay Aiken’s alleged homosexual liaisons. “I honestly don’t read any of that stuff, and I encourage the contestants to not read the good press, not read the bad press,” Abdul said. Asked if it mattered, Abdul responded, “Absolutely, I agree, why would it matter? … Clay is an excellent vocalist. The genre and style of his music is very specific to, I feel, more adult contemporary pop. Who cares about sexual preference?” Check out a complete transcript at

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4 thoughts on “Paula Abdul And Thumbelina Jewelry Line QVC Live Remote

  1. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Number one- Why doesn’t Clay just come out of the closet? Doesn’t he realize that his closet doors are made of glass and everyone knows? Number two- Who would ask that drunk Paula her opinion on anything?

  2. travistrittfan says:

    Clay Aiken will never come out of any closet because HE IS NOT GAY!!! For crying out loud, how many times do you have to be told; how come you are so stubborn? If you were a Clay Aiken fan you would know that Clay Aiken is straight. Paula Abdul made that uncalled for comment because she is told what to say, based on her American Idol contract. She doesn’t admit that Clay Aiken is more talented than she gave Clay Aiken credit for because since Clay doesn’t have the American Idol title, she is like only praising the “winners” of the show. Also, if you were updated on Clay Aiken, you would know in his fan club blog, that none of the negative tabloid stuff written about him is true; it is all false. Clay Aiken is innocent and is NOT GAY. Also, Clay Aiken was on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in 2003 and said is NOT GAY. Someday you are going to find out that Clay Aiken is not gay if you don’t already know. Clay Aiken is straight. Also, this site is mainly innuendo, gossip, and lies. All the negative and false stuff written about Clay Aiken is untrue. Clay Aiken is straight, and that is a fact. Clay Aiken is my favorite male singer and male entertainer. Clay Aiken is the greatest and the best male musical artist ever!!! Clay Aiken Rules!

  3. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Does anyone care about her five dollar fake jewelry?

  4. debbie deal says:

    please let me know if I can still get the large heart necklace with sentiments engraved on it. I remember that you had it on qvc. please let me know.

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