Paula Abdul Caught On Tape

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “There was a special on ABC tonight. Obviously, we didn’t see it. It didn’t air yet. We taped early. But it’s being reported that ABC has answering machine messages and voice mail that show that had an inappropriate relationship with a contestant. I didn’t even know Pat O’Brien was on ‘American Idol’. … Actually, this former ‘Idol’ contestant, this guy named Corey Clark, he claims he had a sexual relationship with Paula Abdul. But Paula says that clark is an admitted liar and an opportunist. Well, finally, Paula has something negative to say about one of the contestants. … Let me ask you something. All right, what is all of the fuss, really? They’re claiming this guy, Corey Clark, received special coaching from Paula, which really would have meant something if it wasn’t for the fact he lost. Hello! He wasn’t even in the top three. The Lakers had better coaching than this guy.”

Is Accusing Paula For Revenge?

May 4, 2005 – A source close to tells ‘Celebrity Justice’ that Corey Clark “illegally taped” the conversation with ‘American Idol’ judge where she warned him not to respond to media calls and “edited it out of context to make Paula look bad.” The source added that Corey allegedly told Abdul on the phone, “‘American Idol’ fu**ed me” and that “I have nothing to lose.”

Simon Cowell Backs Paula Abdul

May 4, 2005 – Simon Cowell is standing by Paula Abdul, telling ‘Extra’ that the worst she can be accused of is caring too much. “That’s Paula,” he insisted. “There’s nothing wrong with it, and there’s nothing underhanded going on behind the scenes.”

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