Paula Abdul Discusses Paula Goodspeed On ‘The View’

visited ‘The View’ on Monday (December 8), discussing the apparent suicide of Paula Goodspeed, who the ‘American Idol’ judge claims had been following her for 17 years.

“What people don’t know is that a few months prior I was in new York and she had attempted the same thing and they… she was code blue apparently. In Front of my house she was in the back seat of a car and they took her to the hospital and she survived,” Paula explained. “This time around I was fortunately at the Kodak Theater doing Hollywood week for ‘American Idol’. The crew knew but waited until I was done taping. But I had some kind of feeling and premonition something was going on.”

Abdul added, “She has been a stalker-fan for about 17 years and it wasn’t until ‘American Idol’ that she knew how to get to me. Prior to that it was always through a fan club. So when that happened it opens up the target to be followed home. The last five years have been a little tough on me.”

Video of the comments have since been removed.

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