Paula Abdul Helped Out After Breaking Nose

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Paula Abdul did a nice job judging, even though she broke her nose the other night. Did you know that? Yeah. You see, that shows you how people in the music business help each other out. After she broke her nose, Michael Jackson actually offered her one of his. .. No, know what happened was Paula Abdul tripped over her chihuahua and broke her nose. That’s what she said. In fact, when Lou Dobbs heard about this, he said, ‘This is what happens when you let chihuahuas come into the country across the border. More chihuahuas – more people will be injured! More will be hurt!'”

Paula Abdul Explains Broken Nose

May 24, 2007 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “Paula Abdul is in the news again. Everyone’s talking about this. Paula Abdul has reportedly broken her nose after tripping over her dog. Yeah, when asked how the accident happened, Paula said, ‘My dog was trying to drink out of the same toilet I was throwing up in’.”

Paula Abdul Will Be Fine After Breaking Nose

May 24, 2007 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Did you hear about Paula Abdul? She tripped over her Chihuahua and broke her nose. She’s going to be fine, but the doctor told her to wait at least six weeks before having sex with a contestant. … She broke her nose, but the good news is she did not spill her gin and tonic.”

Did You Hear What Happened To Paula Abdul?

May 23, 2007 – Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Tuesday night, “Did you hear what happened to Paula? Paula Abdul broke her nose, literally, this past weekend, after she nearly stepped on her chihuahua, I guess. Broker her nose, totally true. And by the way, the good news for Paula was that she was already on painkillers when it happened.”

Paula Abdul Talks With LA’s KIIS FM

May 17, 2007 – Paula Abdul called in to KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 16) to talk about the finale of ‘American Idol’ next week, which will feature Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks. They also talked about how Simon Cowell was messing with her last night and all season for that matter, the promo for her new Bravo show, and what’s it about (“we’re trying to figure that out”).

The interview audio at has since been removed.

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