Paula Abdul: I Saved Kylie Minogue’s Career

In an interview with The Associated Press, ‘American Idol’ judge Paula Abdul is claiming a major role in reviving Kylie Minogue’s pop career. “I’m responsible for helping Kylie Minogue come back,” she says, who cowrote ‘Spinning Around’ for the Australian singer in 2000. “She couldn’t get signed to a worldwide deal. … She entered for the first time ever on the U.K. charts No. 1 on a song I wrote.”

Paula Plots Singing Comeback

February 2, 2005 – Paula Abdul is talking about reviving her own solo career, saying that after this season, she’s going to get back in the recording studio. “It’s something that we’ve talked with her about. Even during the commercial breaks on ‘American Idol,’ we try and get her to stand up and perform for the studio audience,” Ryan Seacrest told ‘Extra’. “Good luck Paula, we’re all here for you — except Simon, and he’s just jealous.”

Paula Visits Fox News Channel

February 2, 2005 – ‘American Idol’ judge Paula Abdul was on the Fox News Channel on Tuesday to discuss the hit show. Abdul talked about the guy in New Orleans that auditioned with the criminal record and how it is an open audition, taking a break from her singing career, which forced her to give some of her songs to others such as Kylie Minogue, and more. has since removed the video.

Kylie Won’t Pin Olivier Down About Marriage

January 27, 2005 – Despite rumors she is desperate to marry boyfriend Olivier Martinez, The Sun reports that Kylie Minogue says: “I’ve never tried to pin a man down about walking down the aisle, or wanted a wedding dress … I can’t do the important things in my life to a schedule.”

Kylie Suing Pete Waterman

January 24, 2005 – Sky News reports that Kylie Minogue is suing Pete Waterman for over $900,000 for royalties she claims she’s owed. The disagreement centers on her ‘Greatest Hits’ album, released in 1992 and then re-released 10 years later.

Kylie Tries To Be The ‘Geekiest’

January 9, 2005 – reports that Kylie Minogue says she has competitions with her stylist Will Baker to see who can be the “geekiest”. The Aussie singer explained, “Willie and I have competitions on who can be the geekiest. He’ll completely admonish me for watching ‘The Simpsons’, but meanwhile, he has got his head in a ‘Doctor Who’ fanzine.”

Paula Abdul Promotes New Season Of ‘Idol’

January 13, 2005 – Paula Abdul stopped by ‘Day Side with Linda Vester’ to promote the fourth season of ‘American Idol’ and her work with Ameriquest on the Super Bowl halftime show. Abdul discussed Gene Simons of KISS and his role as guest judge, the rudeness of Simon Cowell, the new format for the season, the phenomenon that is William Hung, and more. The interview segment has since been removed from

Kylie’s Big Christmas Payoff

December 25, 2004 – The Sun reports that Kylie Minogue is getting $960,000 to play an exclusive Christmas Day gig for Russian oil barons. “Although it is Christmas it was just too much money to turn down for one gig,” a friend explained.

Kylie Takes A Tumble On ‘Wetten, Dass…?’

December 13, 2004 – Kylie Minogue took a tumble after performing her new single ‘I Believe In You’ on Germany’s ‘Wetten, Dass…?’ on Saturday (December 11). The singer received a bouquet of flowers from the host, and combined with a full-length dress and high heels, tripped over her own dress while exiting the stage.

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6 thoughts on “Paula Abdul: I Saved Kylie Minogue’s Career

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    No I think ‘Cant get you out of my head’ revived Kylie’s career…which gave her world wide success.

  2. Diamond_Queen_Japonica_8 says:

    I agree…she finally hit the American charts once more with that song….’, ‘The last time she did that, was like, 20 years ago, or so with that oldie “Locomotion” She’s no more the locomotion girl-she’s now the “La la la girl!” LOL

  3. missprissoftheyear says:

    Paula co-wrote that song with four other people. Yes and ‘Spinning Around’ was her come back song. Paula didn’t mention ‘world-wide success’, just a world-wide deal; a singer doesn’t have to have a hit in America to achieve that.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    To the idiots that didn’t understand her comment EdAl I’m talking to you: The UK is one of the most highly respected music industries worldwide. Kylie Minogue couldn’t get a worldwide deal because she just wasn’t viable any longer. With the help of that song and her success in the UK someone must have seen that maybe Kylie had a shot after all, leading her to be signed to the worldwide record deal that eventually spun the hit album FEVER!

  5. theshabz says:

    what you talking about fool UK chart is a joke any crap song can get to number one its that easy. i live in UK and for years I’ve seen so many crap songs get number 1 and yet they still do crap songs like Teletubies and bob the builder and idiots like Robbie William and Ronan Keating and gaylife I mean Westlife UK singles chart is a joke no 1 gets respect if you top the UK chart its the American market every one wishes to break.

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    You’re the fool idiot, learn to read. I said it’s one of the most highly respected’, ‘markets, I didn’t say it was the most highly respected market. Also, in the UK singles sales are more prominent than in the US, and that’s probably why you see songs that normally wouldn’t chart very high in the US chart well in the UK. Teletubbies obviously wouldn’t get any airplay, but thanks to parents everywhere they sell well. If you understand that simple concept, you’ll understand the fact that if you can make it in the UK you become a viable artist and you are able to talk to companies about backing you when trying to break the US market.

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