Paula Abdul Wants To Record Duet With Jesse McCartney

was on the phone with Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix on Monday (July 28), where the ‘American Idol’ judge talked with the DJ’s about going up against Ryan Seacrest for best morning show on Radio & Records, how ‘Idol’ loses in the Emmy Awards every year to ‘The Amazing Race’, and Paula’s belief that with the new Emmy category best show host will see Ryan win for ‘Idol’, but the show lose, causing Ryan to get an even bigger ego. “I get it. To have to go through how big his head gets,” Abdul said. “I get where you guys are coming from, I’m in the same boat.”

Paula also teased about her plans to turn a movie into a Broadway musical that she’d star in, intriguing the DJ’s into wondering what the movie was. Paula said she couldn’t reveal the movie until she secured the rights.

Abdul then talked about having her house broken into, and all of her Emmy Awards and Video Music Awards were stolen. She then instructed her assistant to make a list of all the awards she won. Then they got on the phone and Paula congratulated him on his recent success with ‘Leavin’. They then agreed to hook up in the studio along with legendary songwriter Oliver Leiber. Paula said she’d like to do something “fresh and new” with Jesse. “Oh my god, there’s actually a song,” Paula babbled, “if he would be willing to do a duet.” Abdul sounded overly medicated throughout the interview, but the DJ’s who are friends with Paula and plan to hang out with her in Phoenix this weekend never made an issue of it.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

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