Paula Abdul’s Thoughts On Janet Jackson’s Halftime Performance

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According to Entertainment Tonight, Paula Abdul, who’s Janet Jackson’s good friend, talked to ET’s Bob Goen about her thoughts on Janet’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance. “I felt it wasn’t necessary. She’s such a beautiful girl, she didn’t need to do it. Janet is great at being edgy. As an artist you want to push the boundaries. I believe Janet absolutely anticipated that all of this would happen … everyone is talking about it and that’s what you want as a performer.”

Spike Lee Blasts Janet Jackson’s Breast-Baring

February 4, 2004 – The Associated Press reports director Spike Lee says that following Sunday’s Super Bowl when *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake exposed the breast of that it’s not enough to be a good singer, and that entertainers “have to do something extra” – such as the open mouthed kiss gave Britney Spears and during the MTV Video Music Awards in August. “What’s gonna be next? It’s getting crazy, and it’s all down to money. Money and fame,” said Lee, the director of ‘Malcolm X’ and ‘Do the Right Thing’. “Somehow the whole value system has been upended.” Read more.

JC First Victim Of Janet’s Super Bowl Breast Flash

February 4, 2004 – Television Week reports *NSYNC star JC Chasez’s performance of ‘Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love)’ at Sunday’s Pro-Bowl in Honolulu has been cancelled following Janet Jackson’s breast exposing incident at the Super Bowl. Instead, fans watching the game, which airs live on ESPN, will be treated to a spectacle of 1,000 dancers, 200 hula girls, drummers, two famous Hawaiian singers and the sounds of conch shells. A spokesperson says the show will celebrate the 25 years of the NFL Pro-Bowl in Hawaii. “We thought it was over the top,” said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy. “It was because of the song, and how we believed it was going to be choreographed. We wanted to go in a different direction.” It’s still possible JC will sing the national anthem at the game, according to McCarthy.

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2 thoughts on “Paula Abdul’s Thoughts On Janet Jackson’s Halftime Performance

  1. Jive says:

    I really don’t know what’s the big deal of Janet’s performance at the Super Bowl. You see sexual acts on MTV everyday. But I do think it was unnecessary for her to do that since she’s a great performer and a great dance routine would do it for her fans.

  2. uhhhhhhhhhh says:

    Paula love you

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