Paulina Rubio Performing With J.Lo At La Raza Event

Paulina Rubio 'Paulatina'

Paulina Rubio tells Quepasa she’s singing along with Jennifer Lopez during the next Alma Awards ceremony organized by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) awarding the most outstanding Latins in entertainment. “I am going to perform with Jennifer Lopez and I’ll be next to Carmen Electra and Eva Longoria,” she said. The ceremony will be held next May 7th, but will be broadcast on June 5th on ABC.

Jennifer Lopez Not Driven By Money

April 29, 2006 – “I think a lot of people just don’t understand what I’m about,” Jennifer tells People En Español in its new issue. “They see me laughing, having a good time, and they may think, ‘Oh, she’s so ambitious and everything,’ but the thing is that I’m just a creative person. If I could describe myself to somebody, that’s how I would do it. I’d say ‘I’m creative and that’s what drives me.’ I think people think I’m driven by the money things and all that stuff. They get it so mixed up that they forget that’s not why I started doing it. I started doing it because I love to perform.”

Christina Milian: J.Lo’s Opened Doors In Hollywood

April 16, 2006 – Christina Milian, whose new movie ‘Pulse’ opens this summer, tells The Sunday Mail that Hollywood is more open-minded in terms of skin color now, which she says is a credit to Jennifer Lopez. “I think people such as Jennifer Lopez have opened people’s minds,” Milian said. “It’s not about the race or the color. We can adjust and people will still go see this movie. Films I’ve done like ‘Pulse’ were supposed to be a white girl. Same thing with ‘Be Cool’ – it was supposed to be a white girl.”

Crying On Cue Not An Easy Task For Jennifer Lopez

April 15, 2006 – The Mirror reports that Jennifer had difficulty filming a crying scene in her latest film, ‘El Cantante’. “She decided she couldn’t do it with all the extras watching her,” a spy on the set in Puerto Rico revealed. “She had a quick word with the director, who then announced on his bullhorn that no one was to look Lopez in the eye and to turn away from her until they’d nailed the scene.”

Simon Cowell Knocking Down Jennifer Lopez’s Old Home

April 14, 2006 – ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell purchased the home owned by Jennifer in Beverly Hills for $10.5 million, and The Mirror reports that the music guru is knocking the place down and spending $5 million building another one. “Simon knows what he wants and as soon as he saw J.Lo’s house, he had to have it,” a real-estate spy revealed. “But it would appear that even Jennifer Lopez’s plush pad simply wasn’t good enough. When it comes to houses, money is no object for Simon so he hasn’t batted an eyelid at spending an extra £3million knocking the place down and rebuilding from scratch. He has certain ideas on what he wants it to look like… and J.Lo’s minimalist approach wasn’t it.”

Paulina Rubio And Colate Out And About In Madrid

March 20, 2006 – Paulina Rubio and her boyfriend Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera, aka Colate, were photographed leaving the Kiff-Kiff Fashion Collection launch to take a stroll with their dog along the streets of Madrid, Spain on Tuesday (March 14).

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