Paulina Rubio Radio Interview

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Paulina Rubio was interviewed by KYS FM (Latin America)

DJ: What are you up to right now?

Paulina: Right now I’m promoting the Spanish album and also working for for the next English one. I’m so excited because this is going to be my second try in the English market. I don’t have any fears if it will be accepted or not, fear is a word that should be erased out of the dictionary. I’m secure of myself and very organized physically and mentally. I just wrote my first English song called ‘Magic Number’.

DJ: Is the American market important for your career?

Paulina: Of course it is! English is an universal language, it is beautiful and so is America. Americans are the most punctual people I’ve ever known, they are workaholics and I identify with them a lot. There is a little part of America in my hart.

DJ: Does sex sells?

Paulina: There is nothing wrong with being sexy, sexy is natural. Now there is new wave of singers that are trying to pretend they are rock-edgy girls that play their own instrument, and they think they are able to diss and insult pop singers but at the end that’s another way of being marketable. It’s all about who you are.

DJ: So you rather think Britney is right but Avril Lavigne is wrong. Which one you prefer as an artist?

Paulina: I like everyone, I don’t see defects on people, I see their qualities. I like all kinds of artists from No doubt to Lenny Kravitz to Madonna to Westlife to Jessica Simpson to Britney to Eminem.

DJ: Is your dream to conquer the English language?

Paulina: I want to reach the whole world. I’m gonna prove the world that there’s nothing wrong with pop, as long as is not cheesy boring pop. Lyrics are important and they are the message of the song, pop stars need to bring innovative stuff, you can’t stay all your life singing about the same thing. I dislike cheap music.

DJ: But Pop is referred to marketing always

Paulina: Not always. That is a stereotype, not every rock band is talented, not every Arab is a terrorist. Again is all about innovation and how much effort you put into it.

DJ: Are you a material person?

Paulina: Everyone is a little material. I have made trips that not everyone could handle. I wen to Kenya, Mauritius, Argelia and the Sahara. I have traveled the Niger River. There is not much food, not much water. Trips make you think about your life, and what are you doing wrong.

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