Peace And Respect

Contributed anonymously:

Recently since I been on popdirt I have seen Britney Spears fans dissing on Christina Aguilera fans and vice versa, fans saying rude things to Mariah Carey fans, etc. etc. Quite frankly people, it’s getting old. What are we getting out of this? Dissing highly opinion people for saying something negative with respect and veracity, unlike some that don’t have nothing to back up their negative opinions at all with curse words and vulgar language. Dissing people just because they say something negative about your favorite idol. Just dissing, dissing, dissing. Now I know we all have the right to make any opinion on this website, negative or positive. That goes for the real world too. But seriously folks, for once can we just get along? An opinion is just an opinion. Nobody’s opinion is technically right or technically wrong. Opinions come from the mind, which that in itself has the power to make their freedom of thought to be a real, living, breathing stamp of credit. An opinion is debatable, yes, but it’s not like it’s a study or a theory that has to constantly be proven as being wrong. Just give a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T. It’s not that hard to come by. Treat people’s opinion the way you would want other’s to treat yours. I know people aren’t going to obey this, but please, it’s time that we just act more mature (for some people). This doesn’t have to be a battle zone of war and hate. We can still have fun on this site without having to prove from Mark Twain’s essay, The Lowest Animal, that animals are truly more superior than human beings. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up online somewhere, you might learn a thing or two about the real look of life that we take for granted.

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7 thoughts on “Peace And Respect

  1. outrageous4u says:

    I agree – we all don’t have to like every performer but people don’t have to be mean and foul about it, if you don’t like a celebrity then don’t waste your time reading about them and commenting on every move they make-it doesn’t make sense that someone doesn’t like either Christina or Britney and then read every article about them while commenting on it

  2. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    MusicMan FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please stop posting these sob stories. This is message board, NOT an etiquette class. If you can’t handle people slandering, arguing, and being otherwise belligerent, go to a FANSITE. This is like, the fourth or fifth essay I’ve seen trying to get the Christina and Britney fans to be one big happy family in the past two months. NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE. The worst part is that then you have all these people agreeing and egging the author on, yet they’re at each others throats in the very next article about Britney or Christina. How freaking boring would this site be if all the conversations went like this: Person 1: I love Britney/Jessica Simpson/BSB/ etc Person 2: Well, I don’t but I totally respect your opinion and I hope all your dreams come true!!! Person 1: Thanks! I love you! Person 2: I love you too! Person 3: I love you both! group hug!!! It would suck and you know it! Come on people, deal with it. popdirt’s great just the way it is.

  3. justincaseyestwo says:

    LiLGrrl – that was funny and you are so right. I don’t know who this anonymous is but because of some of the things that were very much the same I get the feeling that he or she is the same person. And if he or she REALLY believed in themselves they would not have to be such chickens and try to hide themselves. Popdirt is never going to be the way they suggest. It is going to be what it is and that is that. Anonymous go somewhere else. This is for fun and YOU ARE NO FUN!

  4. brownsuga says:

    If you people don’t like it, then don’t come on here, I’m gonna hate on anybody I like whenever I like, ain’t nobody gonna stop me from doing that. PS. Britney, Mariah, Ricky Martin all suck!

  5. hellahooked says:

    Geez, what’s up? If you have been going to this site for awhile… you’ll know that writing these novella’s ain’t gonna do a thing. We all know this crap, but you know it’s fun although mean. If you can’t stand it, then seriously just join a message board where it’s moderated and all lovey dovey.

  6. amusicfanofsoul says:

    the only thing I respect is talent…and that’s something these baby voice, frog croaking bi*ches like Britney don’t have.

  7. babet says:

    NEWSFLASH!!!! REALITY!!!. NO we cannot all get along. if we did….we wouldn’t be in war would we???? its f**kin life. people have the right to disagree with each other and say whatever the f**k they want. so dammit. JUST SHUT UP WITH ALL THIS PEACE TALK! we LIKE having the freedom to say what we want! we like dissing each other to get heard or to poke a little fun at someone we don’t like…its not hurting anybody!!!!! its just entertainment. we argue about entertainment values…..and we get entertainment from doing so.

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