Pearl And The Puppets Offers Love For Katy Perry

Pearl and The Puppets 'Because I Do' EP

Katie Sutherland of checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pearlandthepuppets) on Sunday (September 5), talking about trains, colds, ‘Tamara Drewe’, flying and . The UK indie pop artist writes:

I’m in London, playing Bestival then off to LA for some writing and recording!
Will keep you all updated via flip cams on tinternet.

I’m sh***ing it as I’m flying by myself.

Why is it when you were a kid you could climb any tree, wall and not be scared? Why can’t we be like kids again, no fear, no problems…. you could be a wee bit crazy but people would be like ach it’s fine she’s just a kid.
I want to be that kid again…

I’d also like to express my love for Katy Perry. Sorry but that chick is fu**ing talented. My love for her is complete as she has written a song called ‘Pearl’ on her new album. I’d like to think it was about me. Yeah let’s start a rumor it is actually. I’ll return the favor and write a song called Katy.

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