Pearlman Says *NSYNC & Backstreet Relations Aren’t All Bad

Lou Pearlman chatted with LIME magazine of Singapore about the controversy surrounding his production deal lawsuits with and *NSYNC, insisting it wasn’t all about negativity. “The press likes writing negative things but not the positive ones,” he said. “For example, on behalf of the Backstreet Boys, AJ gave me a very beautiful Mercedes Benz just last year. And did a movie with us called ‘Long Shot’, which went straight to video. Britney Spears, LFO and were in it too! I see all our artists from time to time and I invite them to my house. It’s very nice.”

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4 thoughts on “Pearlman Says *NSYNC & Backstreet Relations Aren’t All Bad

  1. LilMands82 says:

    Oh please!!!
    that’s a lie.
    He always says crap about him and Nsync and Bsb still being close. Nsync and BSB probably want NOTHING to do with him.
    and for the record, Nsync filmed that movie when they were still with Lou, they didn’t JUST film the movie.
    Lou always tries to act like he’s the one who got hurt in all this and he’s the one who is in the right when everyone knows hes a no good, dirty, money whore.

  2. pop_girl_02 says:

    I think that Lou is losing his mind in his old age. Yeah right that movie went straight from being made in ummm….. 1998 to coming out in 2002. I think he is having flash backs. I have one thing to say “crack kills”. I think he is trying to become popular again and it is not working. Maybe somebody should fill him in on the Facts. Loser!

  3. Jen says:

    OK, this guy is really delusional. He has absolutely lost his mind. Doesn’t he realize that both those groups probably curse the very ground he walks on? He screwed them out of thousands of dollars, why would they to have anything to do with him after that? Please get help Lou.

  4. WillyWilliam says:

    How do you and all these other people know whether Lou is a lie or not. You people are so gullible and will believe anything the media tells you. The relationship between these groups aren’t all bad. These are grown men we are talking about, mature grown men to that and they how to treat each other. What you see on tv is just propaganda, which is hardly ever going to be positive. The media exaggerates things too much. I believe there are things that we will not see about their relationship and that you guys need to stop jumping to conclusions and believing all the negative things every time you hear or see it.

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