People Are So Jealous

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I don’t get why people are so obsessed in talking crap about Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter. They always make a point of bringing Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC into the story.
I’m not a fan of neither but if I had to choose I definitely wouldn’t be on Justin’s side.

A few days ago someone posted saying that Nick was with Paris Hilton just to get attention that he’s so lame that his love life doesn’t matter to anyone. That they’ll never be Justin and Britney. You know what? I really hope he doesn’t turn into the bastard Justin was with Britney. At least Nick isn’t going off telling anyone about their personal issues and writing songs about her.
And as for the sentence “he’ll never be Justin Timberlake”. Ha Ha! Who the hell is Justin Timberlake? Because I don’t know if you noticed but Justin isn’t anyone. He’s just a “singer” who dates Duck Face (aka Cameron Diaz) and hasn’t done anything to make anyone want to be like him.
I guess Justin’s fans ran out of reasons to insult Nick so now after 6 months of dating Paris they decided to pick on their relationship. A little too late huh? I guess that’s the effect the Backstreet Boys recording again has on fans that will never see the light of an *NSYNC album. Well, maybe they will, after all, Justin is planning on releasing another album isn’t he? Yeah, Justin and The Timberlake’s will be back in another solo album very soon. And if you’re lucky he’ll have broken up with Cameron by then to have what to write about and promote himself.

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