People Don’t Understand Britney Spears

Contributed by JnChrisFan1:

What I think needs is a little tough love right now. The people she knows best doesn’t need to say things like “we love her no matter what she does”, which is good but don’t try to down play it cause if I was her friend I would slap her a good one and and talk some sense into her cause it is not excusable to just get married to anybody and take it lightly regardless if your a star or not. Marriage is a big deal, seriously I think Britney lives in her own little imaginary world and makes up stuff in her head as she goes along. I think she is completely oblivious to many things being in the business for so long that’s what you know you really don’t know about the other side of things outside the business. Your teenage years and on to your 20’s is the hardest, so she really doesn’t know about a lot of things and I think its hard for people to realize that because they see her as Britney Spears the star and I kind of feel bad for her and other young stars cause I bet it is hard being on the top of the world and still trying to find yourself while everyone is looking up to you so your kind of stuck. So in a way I think we should all give her a break EVERYONE makes mistakes and you live and you learn from them… not saying what she did was right cause it certainly wasn’t, but I think in all she really needs some tough love from her family and friends.

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