People Magazine Announces 50 Most Beautiful

People magazine announced their 50 Most Beautiful list, which features Halle Berry on the special issue’s cover. Singers making the list include Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Lisa Marie Presley. Read on for the complete list.

Queen Latifah, singer/actress
Mary-Kate Olsen, actress
Ashley Olsen, actress
Susan Sarandon, actress
Eva Amurri, actress
Usher, singer
Chilli, singer
Colin Farrell, actor
Kate Hudson, actress
George Clooney, actor
Daniel Day-Lewis, actor
Salma Hayek, actress
Diane Lane, actress
Norah Jones, singer
Leonardo DiCaprio, actor
Nicole Kidman, actress
Julianne Moore, actress
Ashton Kutcher, actor
Reese Witherspoon, actress
Hugh Jackman, actor
Mark Feuerstein, actor
Maria Ahn, classical musician
Lucia Ahn, classical musician
Angella Ahn, classical musician
Jennifer Garner, actress
Elizabeth Cho, TV anchor
Jennifer Lopez, actress/singer
Ben Affleck, actor
Julia Roberts, actress
Halle Berry, actress
Britney Spears, singer
Jennifer Aniston, actress
Eve, rapper/actress
Catherine Zeta-Jones, actress
Katie Holmes, actress
Steve Martin, actor/writer
Andrew Dan Jumbo, carpenter
Farruquito, dancer
Christina Aguilera, singer
Daniel Sunjata, actor
Tony Parker, basketball player
Eric McCormack, actor
Peter Krause, actor
Gary Stevens, jockey
Derek Luke, actor
Ryan Seacrest, TV/radio host
Lisa Marie Presley, singer
Tina Fey, writer/comedian
Carlos Bernard, actor
Nancy Ives, nonprofit executive

SARS Causes J.Lo Movie Location To Shift To Winnipeg

April 30, 2003 – Miramax spokesman Paul Pflug tells the Winnipeg Sun as of yesterday afternoon, the Winnipeg shoot for the starring ‘Shall We Dance?’ was officially on, instead of the original Toronto location. “SARS is one consideration in moving the picture. But Winnipeg meets a lot of the creative sensibilities of the film, as well,” Pflug says. “We made the decision to benefit the film creatively. To be honest we looked at many locations and Winnipeg fit the look of the Chicago locations better overall.”

Has Refused To Film In Toronto Over SARS?

April 30, 2003 – The Toronto Star reports that last week, rumors were rampant was refusing to film in Toronto because of SARS. According to a crew member on the project, buzz was that Lopez, who is currently in Kamloops shooting ‘Unfinished Life’ with Robert Redford, simply wouldn’t come to Toronto because of SARS. “I would never speak on an actor’s behalf,” Paul Pflug, executive vice president of media relations for Miramax, responded, “but I had never heard that. Someone has just taken advantage of her celebrity.”

Jennifer Lopez Waxwork To Be Closely Guarded

April 30, 2003 – Globe magazine reports Madame Tussaud’s in London is preparing to unveil a wax model of Jennifer. The singer/actress will sit in a separate room from another singer with a famous backside, Kylie Minogue. “We have a sneaking suspicion J.Lo will get more attention than Kylie,” says a spokesman. “We’ll have someone standing by to make sure nobody gets carried away.”

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One thought on “People Magazine Announces 50 Most Beautiful

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    This magazine is made as a way to earn some cash. What qualifies these people as being the most beautiful people in the world? Is it for their looks, personality, sex appeal, etc? Or for how less they dress? Yes, I believe that some people like Halle Barry and Christina deserve to be on the list because they truly are beautiful, physically and mentally. They have proven that they are beautiful mentally. When has Britney proven that? Has she ever shown her brains without saying “i dunno”, or just talking as if she doesn’t know what she’s saying? She didn’t even do anything this year! Why should she be recognized when she hasn’t sold a record or been on TV for awhile? it’s annoying. Many people deserve to be on this lists, but I don’t understand what makes some of these people beautiful. Some seem to be placed in here just because they show more skin and more sex..*cough* Britney.

    Who chooses these people for 50 most beautiful people anyways? It would be cooler if we (the fans or “the little people”) vote for 50 most beautiful. The people that make this lists seem to base it more on who has the most beautiful hair, make up, etc., and not basing it on at least some talent. Catherine Zita Jones, Christina, Queen Latifah, etc., definitely deserve it because they are talented and beautiful. The Olsen Twins,Britney, and Collen Farrel…NO!

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