Pepsi Didn’t Drop Britney Spears Says Spokeswoman

While Pepsi announced last month they were not going to renew Britney Spears’ $7 million contract, the cola company’s spokeswoman Katie Lacey tells Access Hollywood their relationship isn’t over for good. “Pepsi didn’t drop Britney,” she insisted. “We have a great relationship with Britney, and we’ll continue to do so.” She added, “She fulfilled every aspect of her two-year contract. And with her, we did some of the best advertising we’ve ever done.” As for the decision to hire Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles. “Two years for us is a lot. We need to move on and so does Britney.” Moving on doesn’t mean a permanent split though. “Michael J. Fox is one example,” Lacey pointed out “Look at Shaq, Cindy Crawford. We bring them back. So, stay tuned.”

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