Hilary Duff Rehearses With Dancers Before Going To Italy

Hilary Duff at rehearsals for the first time with her new band and dancers before heading to ItalyWebisode 1 of Pepsi Smash’s special features the singer doing rehearsals with her dancers ahead of her European promo tour for her new single ‘With Love’. The pop singer talked about rehearsing with new dancers and the band for the first time, why she decided to bring dancers into her stage act, learning the choreography and trying to get the timing down while having to sing at the same time.

Arriving at a studio to practice up before heading overseas, Duff said, “So we’re right here at the first rehearsal with the new band and dancers. We’ve had like a day to rehearse and this is the first one before we go to Europe and do a couple of shows.”

On the decision to enlist dancers for the appearance, she said, “Right now we’re doing rehearsals and it’s crazy. I kind of just very last minute decided I wanted dancers and I wanted to dance with them. I’ve never done that before. It should be smooth. I wish we had more time to rehearse but we don’t, so we have to work with what we have.”

Hilary Duff talks about dancing and difficulties she has having to dance and sing at the same timeTalking about the two girls she’s bringing along on the promotional trip, Duff said, “I have two dancers. One’s name is Julianne and one’s name is Angelie, and they’re very, very sweet girls. I like them a lot. It’s nice to have girls to chat with and talk to. They’re really talented and hopefully when we’re over there I’ll be able to squeeze in some last minute rehearsals with them.”

After the one day of preparing for the trip with the new group, she said, “Today was the first time I was up here with the band and the dancers and doing choreography that I learned yesterday, and it went pretty smoothly. We still have a lot to work on.”

Speaking about her dance skills, Hilary confessed, “I don’t know the dance yet, I’m going to learn it. It’s hard for me to focus on singing and dancing at the same time and being in a certain place and doing it with them and trying to stay on the right beat. It’s hard for me because I’m not used to it. It’s fun though. It’s exiting, it’s a challenge and I like that. Hopefully it will come together soon, but we don’t have much more time to rehearse, but I think it will be good.”

Watch it below.

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