Hilary Duff Talks About Her Team: Andre, Ryan & Troy

Hilary Duff talks about her sometimes tiring schedule, which has her doing interviews talking about the same thing over and over againWebisode 5 of Pepsi Smash Track featuring has the singer discussing her team of handlers that include music manager Andre Recke, security man Ryan and Troy, plus the repetitiveness of interviews, and dining in Milan.

“The people that I travel with and that go on the road with me, I’ve been with them for such a long time they’re really like my family,” Duff explained about her crew. “That’s basically Andre, who is my music manager, Ryan, who is my security, and Troy, who is a part of my management. They’re great guys. They’re funny. We all mess with each other. Troy always seems to adapt an accent, like everywhere we go, he adopts the accent.”

Hilary Duff and her music manager Andre Recke“It’s always nice that they schedule in time for me to have 5 or 10 minute breaks here or there because it’s so tiring talking,” she said of the promo interview process. “You don’t realize you’re answering the same questions over and over again, and having to act like you’re so excited to say it and it’s the first time you ever said these things. You’re doing 15-20 interviews sometimes in one day, if not more than that, or sometimes less. It’s like tiring, so just to get a quick coffee break or snack break is really nice. Coffee is definitely key in trips like this too.”

“Today we had the chance to have a lunch in Milan, and the food is so good,” Duff said about a day that didn’t involve those repetitive interviews. “It was with people from my label there, which is nice to catch up with them and talk with them because they’re very, very nice. Of course everyone from my team is there. We just have fun. It’s nice to have that security of having people you know on the road.”

Watch the clip below.

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