Hilary Duff: Sometimes It Can Get Scary With Fans

Hilary Duff talks about her passionate fansPepsi Smash Track’s eighth and final webisode with features the singer talking about her fans, including ones who she repeatedly ran into, and her message to her supporters.

“The fans are very passionate,” Duff said about her loyal followers. “I love how the crowd has a lot of energy and goes wild, but when then start chasing the car, banging on the windows and stuff, sometimes it can get a little scary. Then sometimes you have people that go everywhere you go, and you’ve signed like ten things for them and taken a picture with them like everyday, and you’re in a hurry and lots of times because I do stop and sign things it makes us late. It’s hard to balance and deal with but I find a way to do it.”

Video of the webisode at Yahoo.com has since been removed.

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