Hilary Duff On Italian Translation, Signing Autographs

Hilary Duff talking about how well she's being welcomed by her fans in ItalyWebisode 3 of Pepsi Smash Track featuring has the the singer visiting ‘CD Live’ in Milan, Italy for an interview on March 8th, where she talks about dealing with translations, the support she’s received visiting Italy from her fans, and signing autographs for the supporters when she arrived from across the world.

“So ‘CD Live’ was my first Italian television appearance. The translations are kind of weird, but the girl spoke really great English and so I didn’t really have a problem, but sometimes it’s weird when she’s got to repeat to him and the viewers what I just said. Hilary Duff gets tanning lotion applied to her before making an appearance on 'CD Live' in ItalyIt takes a really long time, so I’m just siting there kind of like what am I gonna do.”

“It’s really exciting. I was here last year,” Duff said as tanning lotion was being applied to her arms. “It’s fun to have people invite you back to places, and it’s a little hectic though because we’re running around all day today and this is the first thing. It should be easy, it’s just an interview. This is called instant tan.”

Hilary Duff rushing from 'CD Live' to TRL in Milan, Italy but takes the time to sign some autographs for fans“So we’re leaving ‘CD Live’ and we’re in a rush as always. There was a lot of fans there though, and I wanted to stop for them and sign some things and take some pictures. You can’t come all the way across the world and not stop for the people that are spending their day waiting around just to see you or get an autograph from you or something. Obviously you can’t do all of it, but stopping and letting them know you appreciate it is really important to me.”

Watch the segment below.

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