Pepsi Smash’s ‘Another Side Of…’ Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney, seen wearing some headphones, visits the beach and a classic car shopPepsi Smash’s ‘Another Side Of…’ featured Jesse McCartney, hanging out with the singer on the beach, and a later trip to a classic car dealer.

Talking about his upcoming schedule, the pop star said, “So I’ve got a couple of big months coming up with the release of the record, 19th. It’s gonna be hectic and nuts, which I think is actually a good thing. It’s fun to come down here and enjoy the fresh air, the breeze. I try to do it all the time.”

Visiting a classic and sports car shop, Jesse said, “I grew up around them. My father was very much into them. He and I together restored a few cars and we have a couple back in New York. I told myself one day I would buy one, and that day has come. I’m definitely going to do it. I don’t know when and which car it’s gonna be, but we’ll see what happens.”

Watch the feature below.

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