Pink Doesn’t Like To Rehearse

Pop singer Pink rehearsing for a new tour with a new guitar player and background singerPepsi Smash’s Track Episode 1 featuring is available online. The clip features the pop star talking about heading to her last rehearsal before her tour begins, not being a fan of rehearsing, and bringing a new guitar player and background singer into the fold.

Setting the scene, said, “Today is the last day at home, last rehearsal before we hit the road, frantically trying to pack up and try to figure out what’s needed.”

Pop singer Pink talks about how she doesn't like to rehearse didn’t sound too excited about the day ahead though. “Really I don’t like to rehearse, so this rehearsal is just to show my face and be a presence and see how everybody is molding,” she explained. “I make my setlist, and then other people, sneaky people, come in and change it when I’m not looking to see if I’m paying attention. They like to keep me on my toes and they throw it in and I take it back out.”

The rehearsal saw Pink reacting to new people joining the operation. “We’ve got a new guitar player coming in, and a new background singer. I’m really excited. I love fresh meat,” she said of the newcomers. “It’s very moldable, easily influenced people. Justin the guitar player, he’s super young and cute and eager and very, very talented. I think Suzy is a really sweet girl. Background singers usually are the quickest to get out of line, and get the most comfortable and sort of relaxed, which can create problems sometimes. “When there’s new energy it brings fresh air to the rest of the plan.”

Watch it below.

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