JoJo Thinks About Mothers When Selecting Clothing

Pop singer JoJo at a fittingPepsi Smash’s Track Episode 2 features being fitted for clothes for outfits she wore the week of her ‘The High Road’ album release.

Talking about her plan for the day, JoJo said, “Today I’m at a fitting, and we’re gonna try on some clothes and pick the things out that we like because I have a busy week. This is my album release week so there’s a lot of press and a lot of things we need to be fitted for.”

As for her mindset when she’s selecting what to wear, the teen said, “As I’m picking out the different pieces of clothing, my mind is on, is this appropriate, are mothers going to be really mad at me for wearing this, and how I’m going to be comfortable performing.”

Asked about the favorite part of the release week itinerary, JoJo said, “I’m pretty excited about the album signing actually, because I love to talk to people who have actually bought the record and I love to reach out to the fans and the listeners, so I’m most excited for that.”

Watch it below.

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